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*the night of the elmation that Jax got votted off*

*a invecabilty pass is on the ground*
Alejandro: *picks up the pass* Yes!

*the night of Ezekiel's elmation*

*a invecabilty pass is on the ground*
Alejandro: *picks up the pass* Yes!



Alejandro: 2 invecnabilty passes! YES! so this is too good! *evil smile*


*Non-first class*

Natalie: Got any 8s?
Rochelle: go fish. Got any 6s?
Natalie: man here anda go.
Rochelle: yay!!!!!!!!! I'm winning!
Natalie: how are anda so good at this?
Rochelle: I don't know.
Buddy: Can i play.
Natalie: No anda might kill the cards.
Rochelle: *giggles*
Buddy: Hey! I don't kill everything.
Rochelle: anda killed a bird just last week.
Buddy: well i didn't see it.
Alejandro: give the man a brake. He dosen't mean to kill them.
buddy: i do like killing stuff though.


Buddy: I don't know why i like killing stuff maby it's added into my evilness.

Alejandro: I figered if I joined an alivence with Buddy. I will win this season. I hope he says yes though.


*first class*

Jordan: why did anda guys vote off Ezekiel?
Ray: One that eh and that hommy stuff is so anoing if anda say it over and over and over again.
Jared: and they wantted me in and win.
Rayven: i don't know about that win part.
Draven: Lets all get along. ok?
Rayven and Ray: ok...................


Ray: he's so dreammy

Rayven: he's so dreAMMY

Jared: Ok Draven is taking all the ladys. I hate that man.


Bridgette: well i wonder where we are heading next.
Jared: me too.
Chris: everyone to the main room!

*main room*

Ray: what's................ never mind
Rayven: thank you.
Chris: we are heading to New Mexico!
Rochelle: sweat.
Chris: i will tell anda our challange when we get there.

*New mexico desert*

Bridgette: wow it's so hot.
Ray: *thouching Draven* yiks! he is hotter than hot here. I'm not kidding fill him.
Natalie: *thoughs Draven* oh yeah she is right!
Ray: wow.
Jared: so why are we in this heat?
Chris: It's your challange to stay in this heat for as long as posable.
Buddy: I think i'm alreayd sweating.
Draven: well i'm from here.
Jordan: the desert?????
Draven: No New Mexico.
Chris: Than this should be easy for you.
Rochelle: what's he temp?
Chris: ummmmmmmmmm.......... 117 degrees farnhite.
Alejandro: your kidding me.
Chris: nope! Ok when anda had anough of this heat come in first class in the air condishen.
Bridgette: I think i'm ready.
Chris: Than go in and lose.
Bridgette: ok ok i'm not!
Chris: good.
Natalie: anda do know we can die out here.
Chris: don't care.

*10 menit later*

Rayven: I need water!!!!!!
Ray: yeah me too!
Rochelle: Ok this is too hard i'm going in side. *walks in side*
Natalie: No!!!!!!!!!! Rochelle!!!!!!!!!!!
Jared: I can't stand it! but i need to win!!!!
Bridgette: me ether! *walks in side*
Ray: Ok ok! it'a way too hot.
Rayven: Ray! Not!
Ray: sorry Rayven! *walks in side*
Buddy: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......... I'm not going in!

*10 menit later*

Jared: Ok I'm going in! *walks in*
Rayven: I should have used my invenabuity pass.
Buddy: I wish i had one.
Alejandro: I can't belive anda havn't used that yet!
Rayven: I know.
Draven: This is easy.
Natalie: Your not sweating!
Draven: i can't sweat.
Buddy: *looks around* hey where is Jordan.
Rayven: *points left* over there laying down.
Natalie: I'm going to see if he is ok.
Raven: Ok.
Alejandro: I'm going in! *wlaks in*


Rayen: yes yes yes yes! he's leaving tonight!


Natalie: JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rayven: what is it?
Natalie: he fanited!
Drave, Rayven, and Buddy: what????????
Natalie: I'm bring him in.
Rayven: than anda will lose.
Natalie: I don't want that to happen to me!
Rayven: I'm with you. i'm going in too.
*Natalie carys Jordan in and Rayen follows her*
Chris: Ok it looks like Draven and Buddy: win invencabilty!
Draven and Buddy: YES!
Alejandro: Oh chris i have a invenbailty pass.
Rochelle: huh? Chris never gave anda one.
Chris he has one. so that means Buddy, Draven, and Alejandro win invecanbilty!
Rayven: man!
Bridgette: what about Jordan????
Jared: yeha what about him.
Chris: if he isn't dead he will wake up in an jam atau 2 atau 3.


Ok vote time! message me atau IM me your vote. here they are!

Alejandro (invecnabilty)
Draven (invecnabilty)
Buddy (invecnabilty)

komentar please
ok again befor we start off i would like everyone to know if they where in the last one anda are garenteed a much larger part in this one i promis, and of courtce if anda havent sighned up and anda want to here is the link i look at it all the time so just awnser this.
k so here we goo.....oh an p.s. nothing is going on in me an jakes relationship we are fine, if i say how i don't like him atau if i am going t cheet on him atau anything, i am not really going to its just to add up suspence for your amusment. k

I woke up this morning feeling lebih tierd than when i went to bed, i hate that feeling....
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Izzy's POV
The night we arrived at the total drama world tour main set,it was too late to do a challenge.So,chris berkata to go to bed.
I wasn't tired.So,i got the idea of starting a slumber party!When everyone as about to sleep fall asleep,i said,

"HEY GUYS!I HAVE A GREAT PLAN!"Really loud so they can here me.And trust me,they did.
"izzy!"LeShawna said."Whats the idea?"
"ok,so i just thought of a great idea!"
"Go to sleep?"gwen suggested.
"NO!have a slumber party!"
"OH!will there be boys?" sierra asked.
"NO!"i said."Its girls only!"
"well,then,what do we do?"Bridgette asked.
"WE can play spin the bottle!Ill...
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posted by vamp_grl_123
AN: Ok i diposting chapter 1 like a billion years yang lalu and never did post the rest. Sory. If u need a refresh on chapter 1 check it out here. (link) Also if u dont want to wait for me to update here, u can read what i got so far here as well

One lebih thing. This is rated PG-13.

Gwen's POV

I sat in the cold quite darkness of my room slowly nibbling the food I was given. I cant believe that woman made me live with 4 beautiful guys. She knows how I hate and distrust beautiful people. atau at least I have been 2 years yang lalu till now. It was such a painful memory I'd rather not rethink it. Let's just say...
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posted by TDItwin
 i did not make this pic
i did not make this pic
hi yeah this is an djxheather fanfic so yeah its set the night between 1 flu over the cookoos and the sandwhich project

heather stepped out her trailer and breathed in the evning air "well at least il have some relaxtion before going to tempat tidur hearing izzy bark in her sleep" she mutterd quitly to herslef and started walking as she walked past the craft service tent she heard chefs voice "no lebih mommas boy dj" chef bellowed in an angery tone "but i like the mommas boy dj!" heather thought to herself and looked in side there was dj standing with...
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posted by Random9747649
Courtney woke up the selanjutnya hari with a mouth full of hair. She sat up quickly and saw that is was Danielle laying oleh her head. "This place is giving me the creeps and weird dreams" she mumbled. Suddendly she heard a deep loud growl coming from inside somewhere in the large undwerworld. Danielle jolted out of tempat tidur and landed hind feet first on the floor.

She yawned and showed all of her razor sharp teeth and pointed tongue. Her tail also uncurled as she strecthed, "Morning Courtney" she berkata cheerfully. "You'd better get up and get dressed so anda can start training" Danielle cleaned her face and...
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Courtney had diberikan up on trying to keep track of where Duncan was carrying her. After heading through a series of alleys and open areas behind tenement buildings full of trash and rats, they were in some neighborhood of downtown Chicago that was even lebih poor than the one that Frank lived in. Besides that, Courtney was completely lost. She couldn’t run away now, at all. If she tried, she’d get lost and maybe end up getting raped oleh some dirt-poor man who was divorced. Courtney silenced a gasp with her palm. Was Duncan going to rape her?

Well he is really hot…

Courtney slapped herself to...
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posted by Trent-lover123
selanjutnya day

Roxy:Hey hikaoru and koaru lets set up karens and kyoyas weding tee hee. Koaru:I will get the weding cake. Hikoaru:I will get the bunga and peddles. Tamiki:WHAT THERE GETING MARRIED!!! Roxy&twins:fooled anda hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!Andrea:Hey wair are they anyway??? Karen:Kyoya I gess we have a relation ship right? Kyoya:I gess so, so girlfriend what do anda want to do. Karen:hmmmm anda now we shou.... Roxy&twins:YOU GUYS ARE HUCKING UP THAT IS SO CUTE WHAT ARE anda GOING TO DO FIRST HUH HUH HUH!!!!! karen&kyoya:YOU GUYS ARE SO ANOYING SO GET OUT AF ARE BESNESS AND HOW...
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chris and the intern were looking at the tape of there double ranibow experiance and decied to auto tune it just for fun but the tape got into the wrong hands soo thats why anda cansee it here
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posted by -emofreak-
ok i no this is a bad spot but i just figured most of everyone i no is here so im not quitting im just leaving for the school tahun cuz im with my mom duznt aprove of fanpop so ill b back evry now and then in between the school tahun and then like the first atau detik week of june ill be back for tthe summer! k id just like to give a shout out to




and mcrluv122996!!!!!!!

~bye! :D

posted by toofu
the first one to come to the island is Mason. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I can't believe i'm here!he screams. welcome Mason! Chris says. selanjutnya comes Vinnie. awesome! welc Vern. Chris says and where are all these girls at anyway? Just then Kara gets off the bus and Chris starts staring at her, lovingly. oh crapp! vinnie says. Chris does not know who he likes. then all kind of rock and rule musik plays and Devan R gets off the bus. 's up man. he says. I think there's a bird. Mason says. Devan stanps on his foot. Crapp, that hurts dude! Abby gets off next. Here comes Twinkykid. Mason whispers. hi...
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