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posted by xcv_2013
Last Time on Total Drama High:
Chris explained to everyone that Duncan's younger sister,Brooke, has been thinking about dropping out. He also announced to everyone's surprise that she has also turned emo. There were some confessional entries from Trent tampilkan signs that he's pretty into her. What shockers will happen today on TOTAL DRAMA HIGH

Trent & DJ started heading to the gym for the class they had,P.E. "Well, how hard can it be to convenice a 15 tahun old not to drop out of High School?" Dj suggested. Trent smiled & said," I know. Besides, she knows us & she's our friend. So it shouldn't be that hard!" Trent said. Suddenly they hear a girl scream in the gym. They both looked at each other & ran to see what was happening. They saw that the 40 tahun old gym instructor,who use to be a drill instructor, being thrown on the dinding oleh a little girl with the same outfit the picture of Brooke now. He fell to the ground & soon the girl got on his back & got him in a head choke. "AM I STILL GETTIN A F?!" The instructor only was hitting the ground which to she replied only tightening her grip on his neck.
DJ: That can't be... Is it?
*end confessional*
"ALRIGHT!!! anda HAVE AN A!!! anda HAVE AN A!!!" the drill instructor yelled. The girl let go & turned away. "& that's how this emo girl gets what she wants in life." she said. DJ & Trent stared with their mouths open. She spotted them & froze. "Aw man! anda guys saw that?!" she asked. The shook their heads."Well there go's my good girl image." she berkata looking down. DJ finally managed his words & said,"Hey Brooke! I hate to ask a favor on the first day, but um, PLEASE DON"T KILL ME!!!!" he yelled begging on his knees. Trent looked at him in a weird face.
Trent: This apparently will be harder than I thought.
*end confessional*
Brooke walked over slowly & patted DJ's head & said,"Don't worry big guy. I won't" then she had an evil look on her face,"FOR NOW!!!"
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posted by nocofangirl218
Here is what I think the TD charecters listen 2! I'll even tell u why I think it's that persons theme song! Hope anda all enjoy!

1) Noah - Viva la vida oleh Coldplay
Reason: It's a quiet song, and he's a quiet guy.

2) Cody - Almost oleh Bowling for Soup
Reason: I can totally see him sinning this to Gwen.

3) Izzy - Circus oleh Britney Spears
Reason: She's the ring-leader of team E-scope.

4) Ezekiel - Amish paradise oleh Weird al" yankovic
Reason: How he lived back home.

5) Gwen - Cruch, crush, crush oleh paramore
Reason: Reminded me of her when I listned 2 it.

6) Geoff - Party like a rockstar oleh toko Boyz
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 (Left) DanixxDumb-Jasper (Right) soxfan89-Lani
(Left) DanixxDumb-Jasper (Right) soxfan89-Lani
hey guys! We're coming at anda live from Camp Fit, somewhere around New York, New York; I'm anda one and only host, Jasper—
(Gets cut off from voice off scene) and what about me?! Jasper: Fine. And co-host Lani. (Lani is shown) Lani: Hi, I’m-- (gets cut off from voice off from Jasper as she’s pushing Lani out of the way)
Jasper: No one cares! Any way I’m dropping the newest reality shows on television, now! (Moves to Dock of Shame) And just like the original season Total Drama Island, were on an island! Ok, so here's the deal, thirteen campers have signed up to spend- uh, a couple weeks...
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(At camp Wawanawkwa)
Courtney: Duncan? Where are you?
Duncan: Right here. I’m not yours anymore. I’m all Gwen’s.
Courtney: Wha-
(Duncan and Gwen start ciuman loud)
Courtney: Aw. I lost the best thing that ever happened to me.
(Courtney starts to lie down and cry for a couple minutes)
Duncan: Is she ok?
Chef Hatchet: She’s going to live gosh ya’ll are big babies.
(Courtney wakes up)
Courtney: Whoa. What happened?
Duncan: anda passed out cause remember that scene with me and Gwen and…
Courtney: Don’t remind me.
Duncan: Ok, how are anda feeling?
Courtney: Sad. Ugh! How could you?
Duncan: What?
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posted by GwenTrentDude
Sorry peoples ! it came late... ughh stupid moving and no internet! -.- anyways..

Chapter 8: Small chats...

" Oh jez doll face your being mean!" Duncan berkata as she followed her. " anda give cinta a bad name baby!" She berkata as he said, "What?" " Bon Jovi... hes song anda give cinta a bad name... the first time we kissed was the last ciuman baby.." " Oh so we are doing a little lyric throwing are we?" She turned around and got up his face, " Sure why not, I bet I can think of better lyrics than anda can anda big doche bag!" She berkata as her haired slapped his face. " Well well since we are doing bon jovi...
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posted by Brickleberry
 Sure both guys may look alike, but their behaviors are different.
Sure both guys may look alike, but their behaviors are different.
Hi, this is Brickleberry, atau should anda say icekid1994. The only reason why I started the Alejandro-Trent comparison is because I've been confused about Trent and Alejandro's appearances.

I only thought that both guys were counterparts because they took off their shirts in front of their girls. However, the fiasco is different, because Trent helped Gwen win the season, while Alejandro only did it to manipulate women and get them eliminated on purpose.

Despite the fact that I brought the fabricated comparison up, Alejandro and Trent are different, since:

Trent: Nice, clever, strategic, caring, kind, benevolent, selfless, innocent
Alejandro: Wicked, rude, vain, mean, manipulative

However, this should've ended when Heather got eliminated in TDAS, courtesy of Alejandro
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skip to 5:23 and ull hear his voice actor talk :D
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I made this i do not own the songs atau characters check my page out on youtube (duncanxcourtneylolz)