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posted by smartone123
- ||Basic Info||
Name: Morgan Garsh
Species: Human
Nationality: African American
ge: 17
Occupation: High School Student -
||Physical Info||
Height: 6" Hair Color: black
Weight:145 lb
Hair Style: close crop
Hair Length: close crop
Eyes: orange
Skin: dark skinned
Tattoos: None
Scars: on his arm
Body Type: muscular surfer body
||Personal Info||
S/O: bisexual ~likes girls abit more
Family: Father/barber and mother/suit clerk
Likes: surfing,friends,and coffee
Dislikes:rude people and people who dis the water Turnons: none
Turnoffs: none
Hobbies:surfing Personality:easy going,straight laced,kind and enthusiastic Background: in progress //End Bio\\
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posted by tdifan214
Name: Alexander "Alex" Joseph Marcano
Age: 16
Birthday: December 9th 1999
Personality: nice,kind,easily angry,caring,quiet,but rude,a good friend and sometimes shy
Bio: Alex lives in Maturín,Venezuela with his parents,a grandmom,two stepsiblings and a little brother named Azael.He is a average student since he was a kid.
Crush: Bridgette
Favorite color: blue
Favorite Singer: either Pitbull atau Daddy Yankee
Favorite animal: dogs(even though he was bitten oleh a dog named Bongo at age 5)
Favorite food: spagetti
Friends: everyone (except enemies)
Enemies: Heather,Alejandro,Justin,Cody,Sierra,Harold,Chris,Chef...
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