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Ok, so with the finale airing tomorrow, I figured I would give my opinion on this season.

Total Drama All Stars was not as good as I expected it to be. I thought TDAS would be up there with TDI now that we would see the Original Cast back. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. I will start with the worst things about this season.

5. Character Development

This is always something fan want is development. I think we got a bit of that from the new cast, especially with Mike. But the old cast was just left out to rot.

-Courtney had development going, but the writers decided to go back to TDA Courtney....
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Before i begin, i would like to say i got inspired to do a rewritten version of Total Drama All Stars and include characters who weren't in TDAS like Harold, Tyler, Anne Maria, Noah, Owen, Dawn, and Brick.
Episode 1: heroes vs Villains
(Fade to inside a prison where Chef and a guard are walking past prison cells that lined the hall. Chef walks past a prisoner wearing a eye patch and the Psycho Killer with the Chainsaw and Hook)
I'M INNOCENT I TELL YA. yells the Psycho Killer
(The eye patch prisoner makes kissy faces at Chef and the guard. Chef grows increasingly concerned when he hears a certian...
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Chapter 1/2:
Heroes vs Villains part 1/part 2
Chef was walking down a hallway walking past the jail cells of the other prisoners. He suddenly heard a familar voice and saw Chris. Unlike the other inmates who's prison cells were metal bars, Chris's jail cell was made of clear glass. After being handed a folder with files on the competing All Stars, Chris's eyes lit up in excitement. After the intro, Chris began his speech. The island may of have been cleaned up of the toxic waste, but the same old cabins still remain, as well as the dirty outhouse confessional. berkata Chris After talking, an army...
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1. Dawn: While yes, she never took off as a character after TDROTI ended, it would of have been nice to see her get used again.
2. Dakota: She's another character who didn't get reused for season 5.
3. Cody: Yes, i know he only competed for two seasons, but it's a shame he never made a comeback in season 5.
4. Brick: He's another character that desperately deserved a comeback. Shame that never ended up happening.
5. Bridgette: Again, she was one of those characters that only competed on 3 seasons in total, but come on, anda can't go wrong with Bridgette.
6. DJ: With so many episodes without...
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posted by TDI_A_WT_ROTI

Alright, so a few things have been annoying me this season. But nothing has annoyed me lebih than Zoey. In ROTI, she was very aware of Scott and what he caused. She also knew about Lightning's skills. But this season, it's like she got twice lebih skills, but has no brain! She can't figure out Mal. I'm glad she is at least STARTING to get an idea, but Mal has been around for like 10 episodes (including tonight), 5 total!

I know she will probably find out tonight atau selanjutnya week, maybe from Gwen because unlike Duncan atau Al, she can actually trust Gwen.

Is Zoey driving anda guys mad as well? Don't get me wrong, Zoey is my favorit contestant from ROTI, but it's just this situation.