Tom Hanks Big Mistake in Pacific part 3

Forestgump35 posted on Apr 01, 2010 at 05:51AM
While bob and nicola's mom were talking,she said "Turks burned down,all gone..." However Izmir was a town of Ottoman Empire( Turks ) . The Occupation of Izmir occurred from 15 May 1919 to 8 September 1922 by Greek forces under the High Commissioner Aristidis Stergiadis in the Izmir district, aligned with the Allied partitioning of the Ottoman Empire. In 1922, Turkish Army (earlier republic forces) took back Izmir form Greek - occupier force.

You can see :

I dont understand,how they can this mistake?? The pacific is watched with interest in Turkey but this error has very upset, we want to be corrected.

Tom Hanks No balasa