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Ichigo Is The Main Character In Tokyo Mew Mew. Also Know As Zoey In The American Version, Mew Mew Power. She Was On A tanggal With Auyoma-Kun, Also Know As Masaya, An Earthquake Happened. It Went Into A Different Screen Where An Iriomote Cat Went In Her Body And Merged With Her.
She Is Bright,Cheerful, And Courageous- Well Most Of The Time Anyway.
Ichigo: Hey!
Sorry, Back On Subject. She Has A Crush On Masaya.
She Has A Very Busy Live, School, Crush, Cafe Mew Mew, And Saving The Worl From The Aliens!
Ichigo:Thats For Sure! Sometimes I Wish I Could Have A Break!
Yeah. Also, If Ichigo Kisses Somebody...
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