Tokio Hotel Share your superfan picks?

Aiako posted on Jun 15, 2012 at 04:59PM
In the OMA, I'm sure you're aware you can vote for other fans picks while earning points for your band and yourself as well. But how hard is it to find someone with tokio hotel as their picks? Hard, because the majority of fans don't have their picks set at all.

SO, here's an idea. How about, I vote for anyone's tokio hotel picks who puts their superfan profile page here in the comments?

Also, here's mine if you need to vote tokio hotel on someone's page.

If you're not sure how to set your picks, here's how.
1- click your name next to your icon
2- scroll down to view "vote for my picks or set up your own"
3- click "set up your own"
4- click the "choose a nominee" drop down menu
5- scroll down to "fan army ftw" and select the one that says "tokio hotel" after it.
6- click "add"

Now people can vote for tokio hotel on your page and you get to earn points at the same time they do.
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