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"After nine months the secret comes out." ~ Yiddish Proverb

No one was saying a word as the team exited the elevator hauling their suspect with them as they began to lead him to interrogation. As they passed the bullpen McGee spotted something oleh Tony’s meja tulis, meja that wasn’t there when they left and as far as he knew wouldn’t belong there at any other time either.

“Uh, Tony?” the younger agent asked, “Do we have a witness with a baby coming in?”


McGee stopped with the rest of the team following his lead and he nodded towards the stroller that was parked oleh Tony’s desk. “The...
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“DiNozzo, look at the clock it’s 4:30 you’re going to be late.” Gibbs berkata as he entered the bullpen.

“But boss, we have the suspect in interrogation and I have to finish last week’s case laporan before I go.” Tony berkata in distress as he sat at his desk.

“Dorneget can take this suspect, gut feeling he’s not the one. Plus, these things only happen every so often and Ziva would not want anda to be late. anda know how she is.” Gibbs berkata as Tony nodded and grabbed his gear to head for the elevator.


Tony put the key in the door and unlocked it. He dropped his bag selanjutnya Ziva’s...
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These are all completed multi-chapters stories.

These stories made me laugh, they made me cry, they made me upset, they made my jantung went out for them. They kept me company when I felt so alone. They became my bedmates on cold rainy nights and my companions under the sun on a lazy breezy day.

If I don't feel my jantung jump with even one scene then it's not worth my time.

Some of these fics may have spelling and grammar deficiencies but their stories are so wonderfully told anda just forget those little honest to goodness missteps.

Here they are in no particular order:

1. After Somalia oleh AliyahNCIS...
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posted by Lady_Ziva
Tony exited the bathroom as he tightened up the tie around his neck. The gala that ncis was being honored at was going to start soon and of course they were running late. He worried what Gibbs would do if they showed up late and his hand instinctively started rubbing the back of his head.

“Ziv…” the name of the woman standing between the billowy white curtains died on his lips as he watched her with her leg bent at the knee and putting on a black high heeled shoe. He gulped and then gulped again as he watched her dressed in only her black bra and skimpy black panties. Her hair fell around...
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posted by TivaParaSiempre
Lovely recap oleh Megan, with special focus on the defining moments for Tiva in Season 8, just to appreciate how far our ship has come. :)
Source: probalicious.tumblr.com

What a wonderful season for our favorit couple we cinta to ship. It was good wasn’t it?! When I got this request (anon shout out) I became overwhelmed with all of the “defining” moments Tony and Ziva experienced in the past season. It began in labah-labah, laba-laba and the Fly and continued right through to Pyramid. Now anda may be asking yourself atau me What are anda talking about? Tony and Ziva both had significant others this season. You...
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Tony carefully watched his three tahun old daughter as she played in the leaves at the park. She was bundled up cozy as can be in her gray hat, scarf, and sweater jacket. Her medium length blonde hair flipped around the puncak, atas of her jaket and her giggled filled the air. It was a crisp autumn hari and he was happy to have it off to spend time with his daughter. Ziva had wandered off to a toko not far from the park to do some shopping. This left him with the chance to just watch and absorb what he was witnessing.

He smiled as Danielle held up a leaf excitedly waving it at him before scooping up...
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I'm gonna post the other parts soon! Hope anda enjoy!

1. The Under Covers kiss.
Did it really have to be that passionate? I think you'll find the answer to that pertanyaan is NO :P

2. Tommy and Lisa
C'mon! Even Sarah McGee knew who they were as soon as she saw them!

3. Even strangers see it!
Nora and Tara are prime examples. Tony and Ziva were in the same room as Tara for what? 10 seconds? LOVE.

4. He took the time to learn her language!
If that isn't love, I don't know what is!

5. He's always trying to get her to let her guard down.
Recoil, Dead Man Walking, Shalom.... need I carry on?

6. He jeopardized...
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posted by Lady_Ziva
“Rota, Spain,” Gibbs stated flatly as he put orders on Tony’s desk. “Pack your bag, plane leaves in an jam and a half.”

“But we have a team already in Rota, Boss!” Tony complained in disbelief. “Can’t one of their people do this?”

“Well yeah, DiNozzo, but their people aren’t my people! Pack your bag!”

Tony closed his computer and grabbed his backpack. “This a solo trip?” he pertanyaan as he noticed that McGee nor Bishop received orders to gabung him.

Gibbs took his kursi at his desk. “Think anda need help sitting in a room taking pictures out a window all day?”...
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posted by Lady_Ziva
Screencaps from S09 “Engage Pt 2” and inspired oleh MW’s & CdP “Housekeeping” commentaries about getting pregnant and having a kid in Childcare

The beautiful little girl of about three sprinted from the meja where she’s sitting towards the door of the daycare room as soon as she saw her father entering.

Tony had barely stepped into the the door’s threshold when the little bundle of giggles just launched herself without warning towards her father’s legs.


“Oof! hey, slow down!” as he lowered himself into his knees to match the little girl’s height and gave...
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posted by mossheart1235
I came up with this idea this morning. Has it been done already?

"Cheers!" Tony grinned, clinking bottles with McGee. It was New Year's Day, a little after midnight. Ziva and Abby had gone off somewhere, leaving Tony and McGee to drink oleh themselves in the Bullpen. As Tony drank, he thought of an old game he once played in high school. He finished, turned to McGee, and grinned. "Time to play my version of Spin the Bottle..." McGee, who was stone drunk, grinned wickedly and ran to Abby's lab. Tony laughed and settled on the floor.
Five menit later, McGee returned with Abby and Ziva. The minute...
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"Hello Anthony!" Ducky berkata as Tony greeted him at the door.

"Hey Duck! Come in." Tony berkata as Ducky passed him a bowl of potato salad.

"Here is some potato salad for Ziva to use as a side, now where is the little rugrat?” Ducky asked as he wandered into the living room.

“Abby and Timothy are right behind me with lebih food!” Ducky berkata as Tim and Abby walked in the door.

“Hey guys, she’s sleeping right now but I will take anda up to her room and anda can watch her for a second. When she wakes up we can pass her around. I know I’m looking meneruskan, ke depan to having someone else hold her or...
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DISCLAIMER: anda know the deal. I don't own any of the songs either.

Ziva hated this. The last time she'd been undercover, at least she'd been near DC. But New York? It was a beautiful city, but she wanted to be near Tony, the man she loved.
She'd returned to her hotel room, her laptop was on and had been for a while, and her earbuds were in her ears. She'd left her iPod at her apartment, but she'd mysteriously found this one in her bag. No doubt Tony had left it there. She put in her earbuds and pressed play.
Hey there Delilah what's it like in New York City
She smiled at her favorit song
I'm a...
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posted by Lady_Ziva
Tony lowered his camera to his knee and draped his arm around the woman beside him on the bench in the park. He was enjoying that she would accompany him when he had to do surveillance duty. He never told Gibbs that she was joining him when he was sent out on his own, but Gibbs knew everything so it wouldn’t surprise him in the least if he knew that they used this time to be together as well. It was completely against protocol, but it had yet to interfere with the last three cases so he figured Gibbs was just going to let it slide.

He turned his head slightly and placed a ciuman in her hair...
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Wow. Didn't think I'd be back this quick. Anyway... on with the show! :D

26. He always trys to impress her.
"I knew I could've taken him if he wasn't on that stuff." *looks at her with "Don't anda Think I'm Brave?" eyes* LOL.

27. He wants to help with her idioms.
Anyone else notice how he always seems disappointed when she asks McGee atau someone else for help with English? It's like he wants to be her "Go To" guy. :D

28. Puppet Master Pulling On Her Heartstrings.
Damon? Pfft. LOL.

29. They're both tired of pretending.
Does anyone else think that what Tony berkata doesn't fit with being used oleh the administration?...
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posted by mossheart1235
Yay! I'm [sort of] out of my writer's block! I wrote this ages ago, but wasn't sure what it would be like. So, here it is, Worth It! Enjoy :)

Never again will I devote my jantung to a man who will merely break it into pieces. It hurts too much.
Never again will I think that Leroy Jethro Gibbs could have been anything less than my father. He has come for me so many times. And I let him down.
Never again will I trust my own father. He left me for dead, sent me on this suicide mission that has no end. He sent me here, to this hell, where I am beaten and raped nearly every day. I thought I could trust...
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posted by Gibbslet
 "What do anda think?" He asked holding the item up in his forefinger and thumb.
"What do you think?" He asked holding the item up in his forefinger and thumb.
He seemed like worlds away as he sat at his meja tulis, meja just 5 paces atau less from her own. He was slouching in his chair examining something in his hand she could not see. She leaned questioningly towards him and tried to catch his distracted eye.

"What are anda doing?" She finally asked as her impatience got the better of her.

He took a few detik to respond as he clicked his tong and continued to narrow his eyes at the contents of his hand. Then he stood up slowly and took the few short paces towards her, then he bobbed down to her level.

"What do anda think?" He asked holding the item up in his...
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"Come on, Ziva, it can’t be that bad!" Tony chuckled from his position on the countertop.

His grumpy wife stomped into the kitchen, and Tony couldn’t stop himself from chuckling.

"Well…it uhm…very pink…and black…"

"It’s horrendous," she interjected, angrily scowling at the layers of fabric around her.

Tony took this as his cue to hop off the counter and pindah toward her.

"Hey, anda only have to wear it for a few hours. And then anda can change into the emas one for the reception," Tony smirked.

Ziva rolled her eyes. “Anthony DiNozzo, anda know full well that as soon as I put on...
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It’s early morning when he finally opens the door to their home

"I’m hoooome…" he trails off in a low voice when he catches the sight in front of him.

"Why the sad face little man" he says in his baby voice as his eyes goes to Ziva again and he sees her lazy smile.

"Our little Tateleh has been fuzzy all night. He could sense his Daddy’s absence so I decided that I did not mind if bath time would be a little earlier today. Now that Daddy is halaman awal maybe we could both finally get some sleep, hmm my little Caleb?" she berkata as she kissed their baby son’s head.

Tony had oleh now moved to...
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I've heard people say that, since the "Up in the Air" artikel has been released about Jetlag, they are doubting wether Tony and Ziva are gonna get together anymore.

Can I just say.... what a load of codswallop! I know it's not my place, but I feel as if it's my duty to keep moral up on the spot and Shane Brennan would not, I repeat, not play around with the idea of Tony and Ziva and throw it out the window. There would be an uproar amongst us!

If he did, he would be giving in to pressure from those ncis fan who believe that Tiva would ruin the show, and a good showrunner wouldn't do that, it would be stupid with a capital S.

And this artikel was about Jetlag itself, not the entire series so who knows what could happen! We have to keep believing in Tiva and SB no matter what happens.

I hope that everybody keeps believing in Tiva, we can't just give up after nearly 5 years now can we?
posted by Lie_to_Me_123
This is my Tony/Ziva playlist!

1. link

If eyes could speak,
One look would say everything,
about the way anda smile,
the way anda laugh,
the way your dress,
the way your beauty leaves me breathless - Devon Werkheiser

2. link

I know I hurt ya, I know you're hurting still,
But I'll make it up to you, yeah baby, I will,
Because what we had was so special,
you know we can't give it up,
Now that I'm looking at you, I can see - David Archuleta

3. link

It kill me that I hurt anda this way,
The worst part is that I didn't even know,
Now there's a million reasons for anda to go,
But if anda find a reason to stay,
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