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 Brad & Traci's wedding
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    Kyle, Summer, and their entire families were so proud at how great she looked and the fact that she didn’t seem nervous at all. She berkata all of her lines well but the one thing that was nerve wrecking was the fact that Rapunzel was supposed to ciuman the prince. It wasn’t a real ciuman since they weren’t old enough but it was a peck on the cheek. Watching that, Kyle had made the decision that he was going to tell Summer Nicole couldn’t tanggal until she was 35 which Summer had laughed at as well as Nick. “Kyle? That’s the same thing I told Phyllis when it was Summer...
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“I’d cinta to be a bunga girl since I haven’t been one before. What is our last name?”
    “Mommy’s last name is Newman right now but ours is Abbott since we gave anda my last name. Once we get married, Mommy will change hers to match ours. My grandmother and both of Mommy’s grandparents are still alive so your great-grandparents are living.”
    As Kyle was talking to Nicole and telling her about their families which were hers as well, Summer forgot that she still had her cellphone on which ended up ringing. “Hello? I’m in New York with...
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