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note-THIS IS A TRUE STORY!!!! if anda have a jantung that is true then anda well past this story on. Its about a little girl who turned 3 years old she had a great 2 years of her life.Its about a chose her mother made.Some choses are not good.I well not use the real names of people but other then that the story is true maybe anda already read it . ....................................................HI my name is Kaley im 3 years old my daddy is in the army I count the days until he comes home. Mommy has a new boy friend he dose not seem to like me he calls me names. He broke my legs he broke my...
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my name is orangeturnip atau symon but i was thinking of legaly changing my name to orangeturnip...

i look at this world and i see beuty within it in the most unlikly places...

*caves with underwater entrances that lead to caverns with no other entrance to them- dark places full of unique eco sytems that thrive in conditions that would kill most other life forms.

*the neon glowing sea creatures at the depths

*that smile that is lebih beutiful to anda than anything yet other peaple just walk on by.

*any ways we find to be diffrent

*when a deaf person signs to another across a noisy room

*when we can accept...
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i am me
in many bodies
i am me
in many minds

there is the witch within
she is my anger
she speaks to me and trys to control me

there is the gatekeeper
he is my self control
he is my savior and my enemy

there is the soldier
he is the fighter
he is there when all is not lost

there is the peace
she fights the nightmares
it is she who i love

there is the turmoil
he is the strongest one
he is the witches bodygaurd

there is the animial
a he and she
my lust

then there is the law
my conscience
she tells me what is right

we are me
in many bodies
we are me
in many minds
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why are words so important?
what are words worth?

written on a page
spoken oleh a life.

our first words most precious.
our last words most enduring.

the words from the past
can help us in the future.

words spoken from a distance
keep us closer than ever.

words hidden in clues
keep our brains active for longer.

the words your not meant to see
hide conspiracy plots and crimes.

words that describe your feelings
tampil others your heart.

to discover words is to discover a tool to
discover the world.
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if sadness comes in drops like rainfor our crops
should we not drink the water atau pain
because being happy is only in vain,
because being in pain means someone
else is happier on the other side of the lane.

everyone must share the nightmares,
everyone must fight for the light
because no matter what anda do,
good and bad will equal overall,
so there will always be a fall.

do anda believe me when i say,
anda will be happy one day
but even then be on your toes
because badness will always be your foe.
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