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That saturday in Gardina was raining like tears from the sky. Roxy strutted out of the funeral with her arms crossed, the funeral was set in cinta 'n' pet and Amore, Ginger and the others were invited. Everyone but Roxy was very emotional and serious about the event, except for Roxy, who simply held her nose high in the air and yawned through the ceromony, Which upset everyone very noticibally, but the animal fairy gave no apology.

She stomped fast out of the cinta and pet store, away from the winx with a frown creased upon her face. She looked like a angelically white cloud, beautiful but raining down on everyone else. Why, she hadn't even worn a proper furneral outfit, just her normal purple platform boots, long dark green leggings and pawprinted long sleeved top.
Everyone thought she was having a grudge, but secretly, she wanted to hide her guilt and anger because of Stella's death, because, even though she had only knew her a few months, in private she would cry heavily after her shifts at the fruitti musik bar and not even notice Artu when he tried to cheer her up. She looked and her watch, it was 1.00pm. "Exactly 1 week and 15 hours and thirty menit since stella died, atau exactly 1 week and 15 hours and thirty menit since i tried to look tough oleh firing her...I wish she had known i was bluffing!" She tried to blame her 6 BFFs as she heard Flora sniffing as tears rolled down her rosy cheeks. "Cry baby!" She thought hypercritically, as she heard Musa comforting her and Layla she bet looked lebih glum than ever, after losing both her boyfriend and her mate! No one seemed to care at the moment..."Maybe i should put my arm round her...." thought Roxy. "No wait, how lame!" She refused to do much as look back.
She decided to pace along the pavement faster, and faster, each step picking up a bit lebih speed, so that slowly the sound of the other winxs became slightly slurred, then mildly muffled, then faded alltogether, she was on a different jalan, street now, away from them. She was totally alone. "Better get back for artu...." She noted in her head, as she began to walk at a steadier pace. Suddenly she saw Brandon and gasped in shock! "Brandon, who have not came out of your apartment since, since your girlfriend perished!" She liked Brandon, and was going to sugar mantel it oleh saying "Left us" instead "perished" but she wanted to seem cool, so she changed it.
"Well, its been a week, i guess........Now if anda excuse me, i'm off to say my goodbyes to Sara, it's her tribute night at the F.M bar where anda work." Replied Brandon, with a weird glare in his eye.
"Um...It is Stella, its stupid to make a mistake like that! And her tribute night was on Wendsday......." Answered Roxy, noticing a strange glare in his eyes.
"Whatever! I'm off to cinta 'n' pet to pay my respects...." "Well, its closed of course and..." Roxy reply was cancelled out whe she saw that Brandon had flown off, without a hovver board, over to the direct where winxes pet store was!
"Wait, what are anda doing?!?!" She called in cupped hands, running South West, where cinta in pet was, it was still grey and rainy as she was running hoping the winx hadn't got to the fruitti musik bar yet. Sadly, judjing oleh the empty streets (Gardinia was always quiet in the winter) they had, so no help from them. She scooted into cinta 'n' pet where Brandon was firing dark ungu lazer beams from her hands at the sofas and cushions, destroying each one as she did so. "Your not Brandon at all are you? Are anda Organ? Because anda can't scare me!" Bellowed Roxy, feeling a strong pinch of bravery. "So, i see i have been found a imposter......" Snarled Brandon, his voice was lebih feminine, lebih high this time. Roxys mouth flung open in shock that it wasn't one of the fairy hunters, but didn't make a sound. 'Brandon' suddenly transformed into Darcey, the only trix able to cast illusions. "OMG, who are you?" Demanded Roxy. "A winner unlike you! And don't anda dare try transforming, because you'll be too weak oleh the time i'm finished with you!" Smeared Darcey, pelting a ball of shadows directly at Roxy, far too quick for her to dodge, she fell to the floor, unhurt, yet unable to get up and summon her believix yet, as her powers hurt so much! "Love 'n' pets, go get the winx!" She cried and they obeyed agily fluttering off to the bar.
For five minutes, she watched helplessly as the shops items where scattered over the floor. "Why are anda doing this?" Gulped Roxy. "For revenge." Replied Darcey, still smashing objects eagerly. "But what have we don...." berkata Roxy, before she was gaged with a strip of night. her voice was then muffled. Shortly after the winx flew in, already winged. "Roxy, why didn't anda fight her?" Asked Tecna, landing beside her. But Roxy berkata nothing untill Tecna peeled the strip off. "Before i can't get up, she put a spell on me! Is she a fairy?" She screamed. "No, shes a witch!" Stated Tecna whilst the others were ready to fight her, no speeches atau puns intended. "Wait, i know where Stella is, i know how to save her if anda don't splat me with your stupid believix! And i know where Brandon is too!" She berkata in a calm, casual way.
"Huh, anda do??" Asked Bloom. "Tell us!

To be continued. Thanks for reading, once again, please komentar if anda have the time and rate if anda like, have a nice day, pandawinx. :)
-------------------------------------------------------------Charlotte’s p.o.v------------------------------------------------------
What if I’m not good enough? This thought pondered through my head as I stared at my reflection in the mirror as tears streamed down my face. It was going to be my first hari at a new school in the middle of the first semester, I was completely nervous after leaving my best friends and majority of my family back halaman awal after the move. I was always on the self-conscience side; but I was able to hide it with being the most populer girl at my old school and the head...
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In the Magical Dimension, there is a very dense wood with lush, evergreen trees, bathed in a slight mist and full of hidden passages and disguised paths.

It’s Dark Forest wood where a fantastic, inaccessible miniature village lies. There is a very strange, flower-shaped air mancur in the middle of the village. It’s the sumber of life!

The houses are really tiny and are all different; some have goblin’s roofs, and others are very richly decorated. Some are even very colorful and hang from trees.
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 Gem Of Mind
Gem Of Mind

Gem of Mind is Tecna's special Believix power which she can use to make people believe in magic atau overcome their weaknesses. She can use this to make people think correctly and put themselves on the first place. It is used twice in Season 4.

Times When Used

Season 4 Episode 10 - Used it to stop the fighting girls about a dress and put them in detik place.

Season 4 Episode 11 - Used it to make some thieves realize that what they are doing, is wrong.


Bright jantung is Musa's Believix power that can make people believe in magic. She can also make a person believe that they can indeed change....
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"Well, then, I guess that's the best we can do for now without addressing Faragonda's assistance," Tecna sighed as she closed the spell book that she had found on the shelves of the Iris library. So far, they, well, she, had spent extensive time trying to break the Echo's curse, that had been successfully bestowed upon Caelestis.
Stella groaned. "Tecna," she whined. "English, please!"
Tecna scowled back at her. "That's all I can do for now without getting help from Faragonda," she berkata through gritted teeth.
Caelestis had gone from creepy smiling to blank silence. Her eyes were empty, like she...
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Ugh, not again. Not today, I can't be late today! I have a job interview and coming late doesn't look good. I didn't think life on Earth would be so challenging. My name is Stella and I'm a Princess of the Kingdom Solaria. I'm a fairy and I came to Earth to discover what it would be like to live without magic. anda know a daftar of things before I become Queen. Yeah, well, a while yang lalu that was one of them. My father, King Radius warned me about the difficulties of living on Earth but I clearly didn't listen. I should have shouldn't I? Anyway, my job interview is just for a boring old office-job....
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 The Mythix picture I'm basing this Take on.
The Mythix picture I'm basing this Take on.
Sorry it's been so long guys. I moved, and I'm working on all these upcoming stories, schoolwork, so...yea. Anyway! Welcome back to Meeka's Take And if anda don't know atau don't remember, yes, my nickname is Meeka.

So we were shown a 12 detik clip of Bloom's Mythix a while yang lalu and everyone else's Mythix was seen in 3D in a picture (boo) A couple weeks ago. I will of course do my take on it. It will be just like how I reviewed the Bloomix Transformation With a scale of 1-10 at the very bottom of each individual winx's review. So here it is.


*Ignores the color clashing red and blue.* It...
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Ho, ho, ho! It's Farhah Claus here to greet all of my friends a very merry Christmas! If you're in the list, you're gonna be treated like a family to me this Christmas! I mayn't do pictures for anda guys, but I'll do the better -- an artikel dedicated to ALL of you!

link - A very merry natal to my Icy, Gina, Azula, Asami, Bellatrix and Within Temptation fan! You're one of the best people here, and if anda weren't here I bet people would be lonely. You're seriously amazin', and I cinta how anda deal with those rude Bloom fan on fanpop and YouTube! And good luck on on your studies, Merry Christmas!...
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my favourite winx is flora she rules i cinta her shes amazing shes sweet kind loving amazing gentle pretty and very graceful i cinta her power and her voice in the 4kids version and i cinta berwarna merah muda, merah muda so does she
my favourite season season 1 i cinta season 1 i cinta the trix in season one they where soooooo evil icy was soooo mean as well and her voice was amazing it sounded just like her i cinta the part when darcy steals riven from musa its brings drama to it season one was soooo funny i cinta season 1 26 i just cinta the party when saladin says bloom is kicking icys bootie that part was sooooo funny lol

my fave villians its the trix there soooo evil and mean they are extra mean to the winx trying to everthing to destroy them and i like the trix because they are mean to the winx i cinta the winx but if nothing bad happen to them it be boring
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To all my beloved fan and supporters, 'cuz some of them are dying to know the end ;-D I think it won't be the ending you're suspecting, 'cuz it's just weird, but i hope you'll enjoy it!!

Riven: Where was that all about?
Flora (sobbing): I... Don't... Know...
With Helia:
???: Bring our prisoner here!
Soldier: Yes, your Majesty. (that stupid hint again :-P)
The soldier brought Helia along.
???: I don't need anda anymore. (to the soldier) Remove him!
Helia: Wait... What?!
???: I'll tell you... (yeah, he's going to tell Helia, but I'm not going...
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The messages of dreams take many forms, from the nightmarish to the beautiful. In all instances there is a healing message! The dreams are often symbolic representations of what we are experiencing atau are about to experience in the near future. Often how we feel and the emotion we felt during the dream reveals and conveys much about the meaning of the symbols. Intuition and the willingness to examine ourselves with honesty are two very important factors for successful analysis. Below is a daftar of commonly encountered animal symbols… and remember, as Freud said, "A dream that is not interpreted...
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