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posted by FloraBoricua
 who doesn't cinta Flora?
who doesn't love Flora?
Previous Chapter: Flora and Layla arrived at Alfea for help of Faragonda. Faragonda showed Flora a secret room where she hid a magic ball that was from the Trix. The magic ball showed her where the serigala hid her sister and father. The girls, and surprisingly the Specialists were going too to help Flora. Before entering the spaceship, Flora ignored Helia. So, what will await now for the girls and guys?


So after everybody entered the spaceship, the girls sat down on the usual place and the boys sat too in their usual places. Flora kept thinking about Rose, her little sister who she loves so much and would give her life to save her's like she already did before, and his father Klaus, besides having sometimes a bad temper she loved him so much but the argue that they had before, made her lebih sadder than before. Helia noticed it. He buckled off and went to Flora then, he sat down besides her. A big silence filled up the spaceship. Flora was touching her arm with the other, looking down to the other side. She couldn't think of anything else only of Klaus and Rose.

"Hey uuummm...." he took a big sigh.

"Flora, I wanted to tell anda that...." he thought about telling how he feels about her but was insecure.

"They're going to be alright" he touched her arm and was waiting for a response atau a simple glare, but nothing. She only looked at the floor like if she was in another world. Helia gave up, stood up and glared at her sadly before taking his kursi again.

"We'll be there soon" berkata the shy one, Timmy.

"How much for we to get there?" Asked the rebel one, Riven.

"5 minutes" Timmy calculated.

The girls were getting ready to confront the monster.

"And we're here" Timmy said.

The winx and the specialists got out the spaceship and saw the beautiful view Linphea had.

"Wow! Linphea is really gorgeous" Sky berkata amazed.

"Thanks" Flora berkata with sadness. Then, she transformed in her enchantix. (For the record, I forgot to tell anda that in the other chapter says that they were in their winx transformation, I didn't specify but they are still in their enchantix in this story. I cinta the enchantix form).

 Who has the prettiest dress? And who's your favorite?
Who has the prettiest dress? And who's your favorite?

" Follow me" Flora ordered the girls, and she began to fly as fastest as she could. The boys went on their flying bike ( I don't know how they called them, I forgot. Please tell me if anda know).

 Who's the cutest one? Who's your favorite?
Who's the cutest one? Who's your favorite?

The girls fly swiftly following Flora behind to where the cave was. They for a detik flew over Rosella's house and Flora wanted to know if she was still there, alive and not captured oleh that evil wolf.

"You go, the cave is over that mountain" Flora berkata to Bloom who glared at where she pointed.

"Are anda sure Flora? anda don't want somebody to go with you?" Bloom asked her with a insecure glare. Flora just nodded that she was going to be alright oleh herself. Then, the nature fairy flew over her halaman awal to see if Rosella was still there. Helia stopped and looked at her for a moment, Brandon stopped too and glared at him helpless.

"Are anda okay man?" Brandon asked worried, Helia didn't answer and then continue with the mission.


It was dark and the winx and specialists were near the cave now. A loud noise was heard, pain was heard and smelled. The girls got scared but with their boyfriends they felt secure as always. The cave was humid and dark, noises were heard all the time; the bats lived here.

"HEEEEEEELPPP!!" "FLOOORRRAAAA!!!!!!" a little voice from a girl screamed.

"That's Rose!"Layla exclaimed.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Tecna berkata with that British accent.

The guys ran as fast as they could and the sounds were getting lebih closer. And finally they got there.


"Hello?" Flora whispered while opening slowly the door.

"Is anybody home?" She asked in a low voice.

A sound was heard, something broke; a vase. She cautiously walked to the living room where the noise came from. Then, someone came out-of-nowhere but the dark hid his face.

"Who are you?" She berkata scared and took some steps back. Scared of what could be.

"It's me Flora" and the person pindah out of the shadow and took some steps closer to Flora.

It was Karel.


He had a petrified face.

"What you're doing here?" Flora asked curiously "and where's my mom?"

"I don't know, I came here cause I was looking for a refuge because of the werewolf, it's full moon" he tried to convinced her "but the doorknob was opened and I enter but no one was here" he came lebih closer to Flora "I was scared but now that you're here, I feel aman, brankas with you" he embraced her and she stood there and didn't pindah atau hug him back. She was confused, what was happening to her? At that moment she forgot about her family and just stand there warming each other's body.

"I cinta anda Flora....." he was going to ciuman her but before he could, Flora stand back "But we don't know each other very well? How can anda say anda cinta me when anda don't know me at all?" She asked stranged. Then, he got closer to her again and gently put his hand over her neck, she closed her eyes.

"Trust me, since that night I saw anda and lebih when anda saved me, I began to deeply cinta you" Flora didn't say anything and he came lebih closer to her lips, almost touching it.

 Flora "broke" the spell of Karel being a werewolf a long time ago. This was of the days he was talking about.
Flora "broke" the spell of Karel being a werewolf a long time ago. This was of the days he was talking about.

A loud scream came from upstairs.


Flora took a step back and looked at Karel startled. Flora was going to run the stairs but a hand stopped her; Karel. He looked at her with that evil glare. Then, she saw his hand, his kemeja was torn and worn.



"Layla!" Rose exclaimed with excitement. Layla untied Rose while Helia untied Klaus.

"Who did this?" Helia asked serious.

"I don't know, before getting captured I saw a big shadow and then all went black to me" Klaus explained.

"And anda Rose, did anda saw him?" Bloom asked. Rose berkata no with his head.

"But I got this from him" she took off her dress little pocket a piece of cloth. Tecna took it off her hands and examined it with her eyes, while her tongue stood out.

"Hhhhmmmm.. it has blood on it. I could cari who the person is oleh this" she examined it with a green light that came out of her technologic watch.

"AHAAA!" She got the result "is this the werewolf?" She showed the picture to Rose and she recognize it.

"Let me see" berkata Helia and Klaus went to see it too.

Helia went completely shocked. "Flora is in danger" Helia announced."We have to go back" Helia ordered. Everyone nodded.

It was going to be hard to get back in time before something could happen. It was a long ride. The girls wished they could knew how to teletransportate to her house, but that was not the case. Layla took Rose wih her flying and Klaus went with Helia on his flying bike.


Flora stood there horrified.

"You can't be.......?" She tried to recover her voice.

"I'm afraid I am" he berkata trying to pull back his tears. But suddenly, anger covered all his body and threw his arms very hard to the wall.

"But how can anda be the werewolf when I broked the spell?" She asked thunderstruck.

"I learned that that spell is unbreakable. The only thing anda did for me is to control it when I want to be it" he berkata while seriously looking at her in the eyes.

"So if anda can control it, why did anda attack me? Why anda wanted me for? And most important of all, why did anda hurt my family and me if anda are saying that anda cinta me?" She almost was screaming at him.

"Well, the only way I can't control it is when I feel angry. And this has to be with my anger...." he paused for a moment " I looked for anda Flora, I wanted to tell anda how I felt and feel but I never got the courage to go and tell you. One day, I saw anda with him and I got sooo jealous, so I started to make a plan so I could tell anda in the right moment what I feel for you. So, I did all those damages in the village and captured your sister and father, but I swear I didn't hurt them. I did all this just for you, because I knew anda would come to help them" he tried to sound like a good person and make her believe in him.

"That's cruel" she exploded. She couldn't believe all he told her. All that time he was the monster.

"No it's not. I did it because I cinta you" he grabbed her arms and gently shook her.

"That's not cinta Karel. That is obssesion" Flora tried to let go of him but he was getting lebih stronger.

"It doesn't matter what it is, the important thing is that we cinta each other" he waited for her to nod but she looked at the floor mad.

"Do anda cinta me Flora?" He asked her desperately.

Flora berkata no with her head.

"Why not?" He had a scared face but then, "is him, isn't it?" He looked furious and began to groan lebih and more. He was changing; his clothes was breaking. Before he could turn eventually in a wolf, she ran upstairs and helped her mom to untied herself.

 This is Karel as a werewolf
This is Karel as a werewolf

"We have to go" the fairy berkata rushed. Grabbing her mother's arm. Flora was going to fly out of the window with her mother but then, they turned their heads to see him standing in the door. He runned to Flora and Rosella, Flora pushed aside her mother and the serigala headbutt her and the two of them broke the window just to fall out of it to the ground.

Flora got hurt and went unconscience, the serigala too. But he recovered quickly and took Flora in his fangs.

"LEAVE HER ALOOONEEEE!!!!!" Bloom berkata furious and threw him a big ball of fire. He dodge it while Flora hang in there, in his teeth.

 Bloom used this magic pindah
Bloom used this magic move

"Don't do that Bloom. It could've have hurt Flora" Helia advised her.

"He's taking her as he's shield, cause he knows we aren't going to attack him while Flora is in the middle of it" Riven berkata mad.

"What are we going to do?" Musa asked worried while the serigala stood there glaring at them and Flora still unconscious.


So what anda thought about this chapter. Will the winx and specialists save Flora and defeat werewolf Karel? What do anda think of Karel huh? XD

Stay tuned to see the final chapter ;)
Don't miss it!!
I'll put in a few days the chapter. Maybe the selanjutnya week, I'm very busy right now with school.

Hope anda liked it ;)
Take care

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