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Damon:I know anda cinta Stefan.And it will always be Stefan.But I cinta you.You should know that.
Elena:I do. ep.22

Katherine:It's ok to cinta them both.I did. ep.22

Damon:You should've met me in 1864.You would've liked me.
Elena:I like anda now.Just the way anda are. ep.22

Damon:I made a lot of choices that have gotten me here.I deserve to die. ep.22

Katherine:I didn't let cinta get in the way.
Damon:Enjoy eternity alone, Katherine. ep.21

Damon:I can't lose you.
Elena:You won't. ep.20

Elijah:I think the term you're looking for is OMG? ep.19

Katherine:That is too sad for me to accept, my lord.Life is too cruel...if...
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