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I got into the Power Rangers, when I was about eight years old. My little brother and I would watch them on Saturday mornings. I used to be in cinta with Tommy & Jason! The White and Red Ranger. I couldn't decide which one I liked more. My brother, friends and I would play Power Rangers, I would be the berwarna merah muda, merah muda ranger. I used 2 cinta trying 2 do the Power Ranger moves while watching the show! I would try 2 do them when we played Power Rangers and it never quite worked out! Through it was still fun just 2 pretend. Besides Tommy and Jason, Kimberly was my favorit Ranger. I used to pretend to be...
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During the zeo episode Good As emas Jason's body started to reject the emas zeo powers I believe there may have been long term effects like a weakening of his immune system. Which was made worse when he was thrown into that evil pit during Turbo A Power Rangers Movie. Furthermore there could have been a residual evil infection leftover that nobody noticed immediately and the only place to treat it would have been the planet Eltar. In the episode Fall Of The Phantom we find out the powers are life sustaining Zordon probably created them to remove the infection and restore Jason's immune system. Further evidence in the episode One Last Hope who else would Zordon trust with the combined api power of Artillatron and The Turbo Rescue Zords then his original choice for leader Jason and again in The Delta Discovery with the means to find and activate The Delta Megaship.
The only reason Jason never demorphed at any point was for his treatment to successful he couldn't.
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Ever since I can remember, I've always loved Kimberly. She is one tough girl and has been through so much from getting oleh Lord Zedd who wanted her as his queen and their enemies because she has been seen as Tommy's weakness. There is just something about her that I have liked since I was a little girl. In my opinion, she was good at fighting back against Rita, Zedd, and their henchmen whenever she was kidnapped oleh them. Kimberly could even hold her own with the guys. She was Tommy's equal and it is not simply because they are the Winged Lord and Lady of the Skies. Kimberly may have been kidnapped...
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