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Who is our God?
Gaston Leroux is God.

Gaston Leroux's Original Novel Illustrated oleh Andre Castaigne,

Praying to Leroux:
whenever anda pray use this prayer:

Our Phantom who art in Paris
Erik be thy name
Thy Opera come, Don Juan be done
With Christine as star, as it should be
Give us this hari our daily aria
And forgive us our punjabbing, as we have punjabbed in your name
And lead us not toward The Phantom Reviewer but deliver us from ______
For thine is Box 5, the mask, and candle, forever and ever...
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 Remind anda of anyone?
Remind you of anyone?
The Haunted Mansion ride at disney has always been one of my favourite things, and Phantom tops the daftar at #1 fave thing. And a while back I started noticing really heavy similarities between the two things and I found many of them interesting. I thought I would share these observations here, so that others might enjoy the coincidences, atau homages if you'd care to take it that way.

We will begin in the Foyer. Above the fireplace hangs a portrait where a young gentleman (presumably Master Gracey) hangs. It is here that the unseen guide for the attraction first makes his presence known.
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