the joker DARK KNIGHT/ FIRST BLOOD short film parody ANNOUNCEMENT

joker-scar2011 posted on Mar 13, 2011 at 12:58AM
Hi , I have completed a short parody of FIRST BLOOD & THE DARK KNIGHT and has been submitted to a few short film festivals including the 2011 COMIC CON film fest. It is entitled “THE JOKER CHRONICLES – FIRST BLOOD”. It is basically the “First Blood” storyline but instead of the Rambo character I’ve replaced him with the TDK ”Joker”. After it has gone through the film festival circuit (sometime in summer 2011), I will then release it onto the internet via my website. The film is 27 minutes and was shot in HD. We shot the film in Hope BC on some of the same locations that the FIRST BLOOD production used.
I have a 1980’s style teaser trailer ready for viewing. For more info, pix and threads visit my web site ...
Hope you enjoy this twisted comic tale....Richard Strobel - Filmmaker

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