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slayorus posted on Apr 10, 2013 at 03:11AM
Thought I share a poem I wrote about the Joker:

Why So Serious?
By: Kenneth C Luna

Why so serious;
Is it my scars that make me mysterious?
My father was a drinker;
He wasn’t much of a thinker.
He goes off crazier than ever;
Thinking he’s so clever.
He sticks his knife by my cheek;
Carves my face before I shriek.
It doesn’t hurt no more;
Isn’t this a face you can adore?
No longer had I looked serious;
To other’s I looked mysterious.

Tell me what do you see;
What are the colors on me?
Green is seen in my hair;
Its all natural I swear.
White is my war paint;
Please, don’t fall into a faint.
Red is painted upon my smile;
It can be seen from a mile.
Purple suit is what I like;
It’s what I wear when I’m going to strike.
You can tell me what you see;
Now that you know the colors of me.

I had a wife beautiful like you;
Who said I was always too blue.
She told me I should smile more;
But instead went to gamble to the core.
Gambling Sharks came for their money;
I felt sorry for what they did to my honey.
They carved her beautiful face;
So I carved mine in the same place.
So do I look mysterious;
Why so serious?
I got my knife in place;
Let’s put a smile on that face!

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