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Eddie : Okay..
Patricia : Maybe it is just an ordinary dream.
Eddie : Wait.. we hate each other!
Patricia : You.. get out slime ball!
Eddie : No, anda get out!
KT : *walks to Eddie* Hey, Eddie.
Patricia : KT, get out.
Eddie : No! Pat, anda get out.
Patricia : Excuse me?
KT : anda heard him. Go.
Patricia : *takes a jug of jeruk, orange jus and pours it on KT's head* There.
Willow : *sits selanjutnya to KT* Huh!
Patricia : She deserves it. *walks away*
Fabian : *sits* Hey.
Joy : *sits* Hey, Fabes.
Fabian : Hi. Do you-- *Joy kisses him*
Nina : Fabian! What are you-- *runs away*

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Heavy rain trailer theme, I believe it's a game. Sorry, but I had to post it, sounds awesome! Thanks goes to rich87222 who diposting this. Enjoy!
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Is it too late for episode 4? Late atau not a least i made it, right? In the 3rd episode Sankara asks Nina to find the Ancient book and the book of Amethyst that is hidden somewhere where they are full of booby traps! Let's find out what will happen now!
-SO THE selanjutnya hari AT PATRICIA&JOY'S ROOM-
Joy : Okay, repeat that.
Patricia : I dreamed that me and Eddie are together and he turned to Sankara, cursing me *shows the mark* and now I need to find...
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*nina and amber room*
nina and amber diseppear
-fabian and alfie enter
fabian-*sees senkhara*
senkhare-laughs meanly
alfie and fabian-NOOOOO
nina-(wakes)were am I (sees amber)
nina- AMBER wake UP
Amber-(wakes) what what is there a shhoe sale
nina-NO (feels dizzy)
nina-amber no no amber wake up (remembers her dream)
????-Nina? is that you
nina-joy? (turns round) JOY!!!!!!!
Joy-NINA!!! (hugs)
nina-Joy what ae anda doing here
joy-i dont know but i can tell anda the whole story
nina-go on
joy-well it started yesteday me and fabian were doing homework and then anda cam
joy-and then i came down and i disapearred here
nina-wait dids anda see senkhara
joy-yes well i first saw she told me that who faint will died
nina-wait, my dream sarah told that she and us are in danger
joy- that right,
nina-well king will kill us if with we dont give him to cup ankh
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Airport (bathroom)
Nina: Mom?
Nina's Mom: Hello Nina.
Nina: what are anda doing here?
Nina's Mom: I came to tell anda to hurry and get back to the house.
Nina: Why?
Nina's Mom: The Raven wants the cup of Ank-
Nina: Victor?
Nina's Mom: and the king wants his stuff back atau he will kill everyone.
Nina: what king?
Nina's Mom: You'll find out when anda get to the house.
Nina: But I can't, the snow storm-
Nina's Mom: Well… when it is over come. Bye Nina. (disappears)
Nina: Wait! Mom!

Anubis House (Alfie's and Jerome's room)
Alfie: are anda ready bud-
Jerome (on phone) yes, please come dad. I want you. (waits for...
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