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(Porch of house)
Patricia: So is Victor in there?
Fabian: no. But I think it's too risky to go in there. One of us has to go in there to be sure.
Eddie: (walks up) hey guys. I'm back.
Patricia (sarcasm): oh yeppie.
Eddie: what?
Patricia: I think Eddie should go.
Eddie: go where?
Nina: Patricia wants anda to go in to see if it's aman, brankas to go in.
Eddie: okay. (goes in) its safe.
(Nina, Patricia, Joy, and Fabian enter Foyer)
Fabian: okay let's hurry to our rooms. (Fabian and Eddie go to their rooms and Nina, Patricia, and Joy goes up stairs)


(Dinning room)
(Fabian, Nina, Amber, Patricia,...
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Anubis House (Amber's and Joy's room)
Patricia: What's going on?
Amber: Look the doll house!
(angle on a swirl forming in the doll house from there king tut comes out)
Alfie: Cool! luar angkasa man! What planet to anda come from?
Fabian: who are you?
King Tut: My name is King Tutincommon.
Amber: King Tut?
King Tut: Sure…
Joy: why are anda in here.
King Tut: Now that Senkhara is gone, I now can come to get my treasures.
Patricia: Well, hate to break it to you, but we don't have your treasures.
King Tut: The Frobisher-Smiths mencuri my things from my tomb in 1922 and brought them back here. Now I've come to get...
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this video proves fabian likes nina! obviously nina and fabian are a instant alpha couple this video might make anda laugh watch it and anda will see what i mean
nina martin
fabian rutter
and lebih fun stuff about this video
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