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 This is how i imagine her.
This is how i imagine her.

Life is something a soul has everything of. Souls dont die, they pindah on. When souls want to die, they are killed, but they do not naturally die, unless anda are a mother.
Souls dont let other souls kill themselves. It's just the way we are, caring and loving.
Some souls believe they can own everything, but hide their greed behind a mask of cinta and care for others, but when they want to, it comes out.
Sometimes, I wish I was a human. I would naturally die, and never have to pindah on. I have already lost my best friend, Wanderer, oleh the sting of dying hosts. Now, I dont know...
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posted by wanderingk
In some ways its icky for me to say that I like Ian because I have a cousin named Ian so I tried not to like Ian from the Host oleh secretly dissing him. For example "Too clingy! To lovestruck! GET A LIFE!" Sorry people who like Ian. After a while I started liking Ian and so it was all cool and I didnt diss him much anymore. I still like Jared lebih in some ways but in others Ian from The Host is my kind of man. But even though he is like perfect he still doesnt make it into my fishnet. My fishnet is only wide enough for Jasper, Seth, Emmett and Jared. Maybe Ian from The Host will find his way through but until then I am unaware.

Go Ian and Jared people!!! I hate picking lebih then one so picking both is so like me! :-)
Hi guys!! We all know Melanie´s story, but what about other humans that may arrive before atau later than Wanda to a aman, brankas place?

Nobody´s Pov
In New York, there are too many Junior highs and this story will take place in one of them...
It was September 2006 and the rumours about humans that were too kind had already start to be the centre of attention of the FBI and many young people that liked to scare their classmates... The story begins ust like that...

Brenda´s Pov
Alhana, Kristin and me were sitting oleh the science classroom. Our school was enourmous! It had gardens and a lot of floors and...
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posted by Gnunganunga

kyle-channing tatum
pet- isabel lucas or
ian- ian somerholder
jared- dustin milligan
sharon-laura prepron
maggie- blythe danner
jeb-robert deneiro?
lacey-carla gallow atau scout taylor-compten
candy- chloe sevigny
sunny-emmy rossum
doc-jack coleman
melanie stryder- kat dennings?

carly mulligan
catherine o'hara
greg kinnear
emily hampshire
hanna hall

danger zone oleh gwen stefani
die alone oleh ingrid michaelson
jenny was a friend of mine oleh the killers
i miss anda oleh blink 182
lovesong oleh the cure
call me when you're sober oleh evanescense
sunlight oleh natalie imbruglia
fix anda oleh cold play
romeo and juliet oleh the killers
hitchin a ride oleh green day
the world is not enough oleh garbage
a beautiful mess oleh jason mraz
end of the hari (silence) oleh blue foundations
how oleh the cranberries
posted by wanderingk
Hello, have anda missed me?
Okay fans, right now i am finishing up the selanjutnya Chapter of Secret Diaries of a Kidnapped Soul so lebih Kamali!(: But first, anda have to tell me what the future shall hold for the characters! Please, please, please vote on which should happen!
First - Should there be a romantic relationship between Kamali and Brandt? Should Kamali take Windy's place?
Second - Should someone be pregnant?(cough, cough, melanie,cough)
Third - Should they take a soul, take out the soul, and Kamali have a relationship with the host? atau they keep the soul in and Kamali have a relationship with him? atau not?
Fourth - Should Jared get seriously hurt, get mrsa(look it up), and Wanda and Kamali have to go on a raid, on their own, to save him?
Fifth - Should Jamie fal in cinta with a soul?
Remember, Vote on 1&3, those are most important, and then vote on the others. So, for example, if u liked 3, and then u like 4, then u would vote 3&4.
-Chapter 2-

"Hey! anda brought back another worm to disect!" A man called when we walked into the cave. I shuddered at the thought and Wanda hissed at him. He backed up.
"No, Brandt. God, you've been such an pantat, keledai since Windy died. Do anda really want Lissy to see her father doing this?" Melanie asked, smirking. Brandt growled.
His movements were quick. He ran up to her, smacking her with the back of his palm. She slapped him back, but with a faster movement. Jared quickly jumped infront of them, pinning Brandt in a headlock. I held onto Wanda's arm, worriedly. She patted my hand, telling me...
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posted by egg-cellent
Doc started the dissection.

Jared tried to get me to leave the clinic, but I refused to leave. Ian and Jared couldn't get me out, they only had to rely on Kyle. Too bad he was with Sunny.
So, instead, I got to watch Doc work his magic.
At first, I couldn't help anticipating what was going to happen. I was jumpy, I continued to rub my hands on my thighs, even though I was just rubbing part of my leg and the stupid sun dress.
When Doc finally started, I acted like I was calm. Even though I continued to rub my hands on my thighs, I played it cool.
As Doc cut into the side of the neck, Wanda and Melanie...
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posted by egg-cellent
It was a soul.
The boys had kidnapped a soul.
Did they usually do this?

I began to tap my foot impatiently, stealing peeks at the soul then to Jared, then to Doc.
I wasn't even suppose to be in the clinic.
I didn't like this, what they where about to do with the soul. Lacey and permen where like that, but they were different. Lacey was because of some Seeker that was attached to Wanda, and permen was an experiment for Doc.
Could this guy be a Seeker?
I began to chew on my lower lip, looking at the Soul laying on the cot. He was tall and lanky, with red curly hair. He had few freckles, and his skin...
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posted by egg-cellent
That week, the boys went on a raid.
I wanted to go, just to feel like old times, but they told me I couldn't, that it was too dangerous. Which really pissed me off. At first, I figured it was just because it was "too dangerous", but later, I found out that it was because I wasn't trusted, yet. I couldn't blame them much, either. Even though I was one of their own, they didn't want me giving them away. They thought I was an amateur, like I had never done this before in my life.
Back at the tunnels, Sunny continued to follow me. It was annoying, it was because Kyle wasn't there. One time, I told...
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posted by egg-cellent
After the long ride back to this place, "this place" being the place that I didn't know the name of, we stopped at some caves. I didn't know what was going on, but I figured it was just so that the Seekers didn't find their Jeep.
We where on foot from then, the humans talked to the soul. How did they do that? I have no clue. I was still suspicious about Melanie, wondering what was up with her neck. I kept my pertanyaan to myself, I would wait until they led me to where ever we where heading.
We where walking in caves, it was dark, I could barely see where I was going. I have been in situations...
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posted by egg-cellent
It took me awhile to understand this all. Jeb, the old man, tried to explain it to me. hey continued to call me "honey" and "sweety". It made me uncomfortable, no one ever called me that. My father didn't even call me that, let alone any of my other relatives. I kept stealing glances at everyone, Kyle, Ian. Kyle and Ian looked a lot alike, they could have been twins, but Kyle was taller and stronger.
I kept peeking at Wanda, I was afraid of her, even though I wanted to hug her. She looked like one of my friends that I would greet with a hug, but she was a soul. She was my enemy.
We where walking...
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posted by egg-cellent
Strong hands helped me to my feet, but I punched the guy in the face. He wasn't expecting it, of course. I punched his left cheek once I was standing -- still coughing -- I didn't look at any of the parasites that where about to abduct me. The guy who I had punched in the face chuckled.
He laughed at me.
"Well, this one sure isn't a soul."
What did he mean oleh that? Of course I wasn't a soul! Where these things trying to trick me? I could feel rage burning through me. Finally, I straightened my back, and prepared to run. Before I could take off, someone noticed it right away, and pulled me back....
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posted by egg-cellent
I didn't get much sleep.
Maybe a couple of hours atau so? I woke up, but this time, I was surrounded oleh people. My first instinct: Seekers! An old man was staring at me in the face, as was a small, blond female with the silver thread behind her eyes. I looked at her first, my face horror struck, my green eyes wide with fear. I couldn't help it: I screamed at the puncak, atas of my lungs. Before I could finish my scream, a firm hand was pushed against my face, I kicked and hit the blond and the old man. They where not going to take me! Finally, I managed to bite the big hand, the man yelled and pulled his...
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posted by egg-cellent
I was the last human on Earth.
Besides all of the aliens that had taken over our Earth, even though we where living in it just great. If anda went for a walk in New York, anda would see a bunch of humans with silver thread dangling behind the pupil of their eye. It's because they aren't humans, they aren't what anda would suppose. We where too "violent" for them. No, they where just too "peaceable" for us. It was stupid, why couldn't we just live out lives the way we wanted to? No, he had to abide oleh their ridiculous laws. No one ever gets in trouble, anda don't have to pay for anything, nothing....
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posted by Snorbit23
Dear readers,
I'm a real fan of everything. Literally i mean everything. I read all the time, I did read ~The Host~ 18 times and the ~Twilight saga~ around 15 atau 16 times i honestly dont remember, other then those books, i read alot of others, like anything really, romance, suspence romance, fiction, romance fiction, suspence, alot huh? Anyways, i'm 16 and well if anda look at my profil you'll find my name, on here I'm Butterflygirl, and seriously thats my nike-name, i dont know why, Its like the movie "Girl, positive" like everytime she was told a secret and when that person told her not to...
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posted by wanderingk
I got bigger and bigger every week. Suddenly I found myself at my 22th week with a small stomach.
Then came that fateful day.
I was asleep in Brandt's arms. He had me close, holding me from my shoulders. I felt something come out like pee and I shot up. Pain wretched through my body and I knew what was happening.
The baby was coming out.
I screamed, knowing that I wasnt due for another five weeks. I screamed louder and louder at the pain. Brandt was gone, going to get Doc. Wanda and Sunny were soon at my side, rubbing my back and rubbing my stomach.
Doc was suddenly there, along with most of the...
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posted by wanderingk
That night Aaron and Jamie slept somewhere else. Brandt made them stay away from us. When I woke up I was in Brandt's arms. I smiled when I saw him looking over at me. For a detik I thought he was asleep. I heard footsteps and shot up, holding the sheet to my small brests. I flushed when Jamie walked in. I laid back.
"Jamie get out," Brandt berkata with his eyes on me. He stroked my karamel colored hair.
"This is my room too ya know. I just came to tell anda that the selanjutnya time anda are doin' this, anda are going in Winds's room."
I snuggled up selanjutnya to Brandt, put my hand in the air and shooed Jamie...
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posted by wanderingk
I turned to look at Jared. His eyes were like flames. I stood behind Brandt.
"Brandt anda cant be in cinta with a young worm!" Kyle said.
"Would anda say THAT about Sunny?" Brandt asked. He held onto my hand.
"This is diffrent," Kyle sighed. I started feeling salty, watery tears down my cheeks. I wiped them away.
"No it really isnt."
"She is like a human."
"She is a three inch worm Brandt."
"Even worms can be like humans. And dont call her a worm. Thats really rude."
I smiled at Brandt. He swept me up in his arms.
"And now I am going to go make love...
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posted by wanderingk
Two weeks yang lalu I feel in love.
Last week Jared, Jamie and Ian tried to talk me out of it. My new best friend Sunny says that its my choice and they cant talk me out of love. I thanked her.
Yesturday Jared and Ian yelled at me. Saying its wrong for Brandt to be with me because I was only 15 years old, atau at least my host body was.
Today I kissed Brandt.
I walked back to Lily Heidi and my room, hiding all signs of happiness. I didnt want to be yelled at again.
"Hi Windy!" Sunny called. I waved and kept on going. She held onto Kyle with a easy grasp.
I slipped myself into the room. Lily and Heidi where...
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I opened my eyes. Jamie stood in the middle of Wanda and Melanie. Wanda looked at me with a sorry look on her face.
"Whats going on?" I asked. Jamie stepped forward.
"They took anda out of your host for a while. To see if she wold respond."
"BUT VALERIE IS NOT HERE!" I screetched.
"We know. They just wanted to try," Melanie said. A little girl walked up and stood selanjutnya to Kyle.
"I am sorry Windy," She told me. I got up from my cot.
"Why does my head hurt to badly?" I ask. She giggles.
"You are okay, your host body fell when they turned her around. anda have a briuse."
"YOU BRIUSED US?!" I shreeked...
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