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Okay so I know a couple of people haven't been able to access this chapter in English and the download link are scare. So I decided to post this up. Enjoy!
I'm all alone. 
It's dark. I can't remember where I am . . . atau why I'm here. It's wrong that I'm alone. Where is Wanda? I can't see to look for her. I can't remember how to call for her. It's silent. I can't feel her. I can't feel our body. 
Panic starts to set in as I wait for her voice. For her to say my name. To tell me where we are. To open my eyes so we can see. I need to hear her...
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So I found these on tumblr. I agree with most of them. What do anda guys think? Credit to thebazingaproject on tumblr.

1. “Maybe it’s an accident, maybe it’s fate, but it appears to me that the strongest of our kind is being hosted oleh the strongest of theirs.” - Kathy, page 44.

2. “What am I dying for? I guess it’s because I lost. then, right? Is that why?”
“No. It doesn’t feel that way to me. I think… well, I think that maybe… you’re dying to be human. After all the planets and all the hosts youve left behind, you’ve finally found the place and the body you’d die for....
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