The heroes of Olympus Series Confessions

titiana98 posted on Jun 05, 2013 at 11:43PM
I really, really love the series. LOVE it. And I don't hate a single thing in it. So I read some confessions/ opinions and thought I might post some of my own...
She is an amazing character! Has flaws! Is not a Mary-Sue and is not useless!!!! I don't get people who hate her. She deserves to be loved as much as all the others! 
2-Dear Leyna shippers, I wish you would see that just because Leo and Reyna are the only two single characters does NOT mean that they are going to be together. Because they have NO character chemistry AT ALL!!!!!

3-I think Leo and Piper are cute together in a brother and sister kind of way. But I will NEVER ship them as a couple, probably because I love Jasper so much. 

4-I hope Leo finds a girlfriend that isn't any girl we've seen so far. Because Liper, Leyna and Lazel all annoy me. Even though I want to see Leo happy so bad. 

5-Leo Valdez is awesome. Period. 

6-I love both Leo and Hazel to the ends of the earth. But Lazel irritates me to no end. 

7-I can't believe that people think Annabeth is a brat. She has always been one of my favorites. And after MoA you can't not love her. 

8-Every time I see a Reyna hate, I want to scream. The poor girl has been through enough already. She doesn't need an army of haters too. 

9-I don't like it when people hate on Jason. He honestly reminds me of Percy a lot. I also think he has had some pretty epic lines throughout the books. I'm having a really hard time understanding people who hate him. 

10-Hazel is so adorable. She is an epic character who a absolutely idolize. 

11-I hope we get to see Frank's POV in House of Hades. I really miss him. 

12-I hope Rick doesn't destroy Frazel. For me they are the cutest couple in the book.

13-I disagree with all those people who say that Leo wouldn't be a faithful boyfriend. I think he's always staring at other girls because he's so desperate. Once he has a girlfriend, I'm sure he will adore her and be faithful forever 

14-Aphrodite ships Percabeth. She is the goddess of Love, and I'm pretty sure that she knows what she's doing. End of discussion. 

15-I'm so glad that Jason said that he never liked Reyna. Sure I feel sorry for her, but it's nice to have that cleared up. 

16-I keep wondering if Rick is intentionally not having any sort of chemistry between Leo and Reyna just so he can surprise us later, or just to discourage Leyna shippers. 

17-Frank is so freakin' awesome. Stop disliking him just because of MoA. Remember in Atlanta with Percy and that conversation with Annabeth? That was the Frank Zhang we all love. The rest of the time he feels a little cheated on. And that's totally legitimate. 

18-I think the line of the prophecy 'an oath to keep with I final breath' is referring to Nico and his promise to Percy that he will lead the others to the Doors of Death. 

19-I'm honestly not worried about Percy and Annabeth. I think Rick Riordan knows that an army of fans will be attacking his house in they die. So I'm sure they'll be just fine. 

20-I want Nico's POV so bad. 

21-I wish I had a brother like Nico. He is just so cool. 

22-I hate people who say: "why is everyone so obsessed with Leo? It's annoying." if you hate Leo because other people love him, then that is so unfair. Judge him on what he does, not on what his fans do. 

23-I hope Annabeth and Reyna get more screen time together. They work so well and clash so badly. I still don't know if I want an epic duel or for them to become best friends. Both solutions are pretty great. 

24-I honestly love every single character in HoO. They are all so fun to read about. 

25-I really admire Leo. His life has been so messed up but he's still levelheaded, clever and brave. A true hero. 

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