The Forgotten Mr. Magoo at the controls

Geist61 posted on Mar 13, 2010 at 01:45AM
Another gem loses out to the harsh realm of polls. The networks aren't getting it! Our viewing habits have changed. More Tivo, PVR's, etc. and bit torrent sites have replaced the need to sit and watch your fave show. As for advertising $ when I record TV shows via PVR, I often (if not always) let the entire recording play out. I even miss the commercials when I watch avi versions of television shows. You can even watch many TV shows directly from networks that air these shows. I wish the PTB's would broaden their scope of analysis so talent rich enterprises survive during unfavorable time slot ratings. It's a crap shoot at best. When it gels they pat themselves on the back and congratulate each other and inversely condemn the shows that don't have great stats. Don't you wish the bean counters would come up with a plan to ask for donations earmarked for programs you want to see? This way they could promote what they could handle, everyone stays busy and a broader spectrum of society would be served!

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