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posted by banderbear1211
This book I review to anyone over the age of nine, if they like fiction. I enjoy all of the pictures in it they are illustrated to perfection. Story line goes well there are some deaths other than that it is just perfect. Any adults would enjoy if they have a great imagination but if anda dont the pictures make up for it. Chris Ridell and Paul Stewaert make an exellent team together the should write lebih buku together not just of the edge chronicles but of any other buku at all no matter what the buku would have to be a must-read
posted by blackparade
...New Sanctaphrax builders: "Of course the supports will stand!"
...Stormphrax specialist: "The critical thing has nothing to do with the time atau place..."
...Tipsy helmsman: "Damned tree! oleh the way, d'you think it'll get out of the way?!"
...Brisket: "Ah, Gloamglozer! How do anda make that really aman, brankas knot again?..."
...Gristle: "I know this worm. His venom won't affect slaughterers..."
...Slich: "Twilight's coming, I'm sure. Crush it!"
...Skycraft pilots above the goblin army's camp: "Whoa! What a firework!"
...1st level stone scientist: "Shouldn't we heat this a little?"
...Prof. Wordspool: "This...
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Literary Analysis
    Midnight Over Sanctaphrax, written oleh Paul Stewart, is the third book in the “Edge Chronicles” series in the fantasi genre. In this book, the young sky pirate Twig tries to save his father Cloudwolf from the weather vortex. Upon doing so he learns that Sanctaphrax is about to be destroyed oleh the mother storm. He and the crew of the sky ship Edgedancer fall from the sky and are scattered all over the edge. Twig and his new apprentice Cowlquape find all of his crew members, each in their own creepy, scary place. After this, Twig and Cowlquape return...
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