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If anda are female,
1.What anda do everyday?
A. Relax
B. Be Responible
C. None of above

2.Which anda favorit sport?
B. Running
C.I Hate Sports

3.Favorite Friend?
B.My Wife

If anda are Male,
1.Favorite Neighbor?
A.The Wattersons
B.I don't like the neighbors
C.Gaylord Robinson

2.Favorite classmate?
A. Gumball
B. Richard as a kid
C.My Son

3.Great father?
A.Penny's father
C.Gaylord Robinson

Results for females only,
Most A:Richard is perfect for you,He relax and sleeping

Most B: Penny's father is perfect for you,He Responsile to he's sisters

Most C:Gumball is perfect for you,He his a best friend is Darwin

Results for males only,
Most A:Penny is perfect for you,She May like Gumball

Most B:Nicole is perfect for you,She loves Richard,even He's in unemployed

Most C:Margaret is perfect for you,She's Gaylord wife and her hair is fake in the car
Richard is seen tunggu the car while Nicole tells the children to behave for Granny Jojo. Gumball says he doesn't want Granny Jojo to ciuman him on the cheek, but Nicole says he will let her do it anyway. Gumball pertanyaan the specialness of getting kissed on the cheek while watching Nicole and Richard drive away quickly to get away from Jojo.
Granny Jojo steps off the bus with her luggage, puts on lipstick in a menacing way, and kisses Anais and Darwin on the cheek. As she gives Anais her bags, Gumball slowly walks over to her for his ciuman on the cheek. Just then, his name is called, causing...
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this is the slap song or: my lonely backside and I episode the slap season 4...I cinta gumball I am the biggest faan!
Gumball and Darwin waited 7 long months (long enough for hair to grow on Darwin's legs) to receive a video game, and they have finally received it. Excitedly, the boys open the disk slot on their game system and try to fit in the game, only to find that the game is in a peluru, cartridge and won't work with their system. Disappointed, they set off to the video game store to get a refund. Once they arrive at Ripley 2000, they ask Larry for a refund, to which he states that he can't give no matter how much he wants to. Larry says he isn't allowed to give refunds, and his boss is watching him through...
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The episode starts with Gumball unlocking his locker while talking to Darwin about cheese and cake. When Gumball opens his locker, something wrapped in toilet paper falls out. A crowd gathers, commenting on the gross smell and look of it. As Tobias pokes it with a stick, Miss Simian appears, angrily asking what the fuss is all about. She, too, is grossed out oleh the object. After ripping off part of the toilet paper wrapping, it is revealed that Principal Brown was the one wrapped up, and that he was also shaved and painted green. Miss Simian cradles the principal, then demands to know who caused...
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