televisi Favorit Character From Tv Show?

Pick one:
blair from gossip girl
faye from the secret lingkaran
damon from tvd
elena from tvd
dean from supernatural
brooke from oth
aria from pretty little liars
hannah from pretty little liars
adam from the tsc
Alan pantai from Boston Legal
Added by House34
Spencer Hasting from PLL
Added by Pink_Love
Dean Winchester from supernatural
Added by T3Fi
Jennifer Jareau "JJ" from Criminal Minds
Added by foxybaby1392
Haley James Scott from OTH
Added by alemenmann
T-Bag from Prison Break
Added by T-cup
Giles from BtVS
Added by xoxoME
Samuel Sullivan from heroes
Added by SullivanSam
James Sawyer from lost
Added by dejavu2571
Phoebe Buffay from friends
Added by Nicolas97
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