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hey guys,I hope anda like my first songfic! I just thought this is something anda should know before anda read the story; The tampil ended after six lebih seasons,( Yes,six;Chris is crazy,:) )the contestants are all either twenty-four atau twenty-five in this story.During the 8th season,Trent and Gwen got back together and stayed together after the tampil ended.There is no seriously violent,or mature stuff in this story,but it does have a shocking surprise towards the end.The story is based off of Rihanna's awesome song,Unfaithful.Enjoy!

Story of my life
Searching for the right
But it keeps avoiding...
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posted by ARadomperson
Title: A song for you
Summary: Trent is alone in his room at playa De Losers, and he sings a song about Lindsay. But is he really so alone?
Pairings: Main: Trindsay sided: Gwyler
Disclaimer: I don’t own TD
Warnings: fluff
Trent’s P.O.V
I sighed as I went into my room. I would almost let my crush on Lindsay slip… again. I didn’t want anyone to know, that I was crushing on her ever since the island. But who wouldn’t? She may not be the smartest one, but is it the only thing that...
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posted by TDIfanJai499
This chapter kind of flips back and forth between Gwen and Lindsay's point of views.

Gwen's P.O.V.

Here I am,sitting in my living room with my three best friends,Courtney,Leshawna,and Bridgette.I haven't been talking to them as much since the fifth season ended.Bridgette is still with Geoff,Courtney immediatly apologized to me and Duncan,we became friends again,and after me and Trent got back together,they started dating again,and Leshawna was still single,but happy as always.I had just finished telling them what had happened when...

RINGGG!! "Girl,why don't anda just pick up the phone already?",questioned...
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posted by TDIfanJai499
Sorry I've been taking so long to write this.I've been thinking about what i'm going to do about my Notie fanfiction.

Tyler's P.O.V

We kept walking until we finally stopped in front of my house.I let go Lindsay and looked away,almost feeling sorry for myself."Tyler,it's really not what anda think.I totally didn't mean for this to happen.",Lindsay tried to explain." "No,because if anda didn't mean for it happen,it wouldn't have.",I mumbled.

Lindsay sighed,"But anda have to believe me,just listen to me,and-" "No,now listen to what I have to say now.",I stated cutting her off."I don't want you...
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posted by TDIfanJai499
Gwen's P.O.V.

I ran upstairs to my room,and slammed the door behind me.I literally collasped on my bed,trying to hold back tears after what I just saw.I stared out the window up at the moon.I was hurting all over.I can't believe Trent would do this to me.I looked over at the picture of our first ciuman sitting on puncak, atas of the side meja selanjutnya to my tempat tidur and cried into my pillow.

Trent's P.O.V.

"Dude,what the heck?! What are anda doing ciuman my girlfriend?!",yelled the angry jock.I slapped my forehead wondering where I went wrong.'I just had to stare into those innocent,beautiful blue eyes of hers..and...
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Mainly this entire chapter is in Trent's point of view.

I've been calling Gwen since I woke up this morning,but she hasn't answered even once.All I hear,every time,is this: "Hey,its me Gwen.Sorry I can't make it to the phone right now.If I didn't answer,i'm either not available..or I didn't feel like picking up the phone because anda woke me up from sleeping in late.Call anda back when I can,so..yeah.Goodbye now."

"Ugh,Gwen c'mon,please just pick up the phone one time.",I berkata to myself dialing her number again."You're so desperate,dude.""What,who's there?",I berkata dropping the phone to look around."It's...
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posted by TDIlover4ever
Written oleh moony-chan13 on fanfiction.NET

Trent POV

`I'm walking down the dock after Chris had explained another one of his crazy challenges to us. Honestly, the man could think up some of the craziest things. This time he was sending us to a supposedly haunted island in canoes. To tell the truth I always enjoyed canoes. To be out on the water paddling along at a slow calming pace.

I have a plan to share a kano with Gwen. I see her coming down the dock and make eye contact. She smiles and I smile back while nodding in the direction of the canoes. She...
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Written oleh rose.darling on fanfiction.NET

Trent scurried down the hectic Frozen street. A nasty and humid February wind had taken on Manhattan. At the moment it was his most favorit place in the world. If he knew better, he would shove his right hand in the pocket of his leather jacket, instead of patiently waiting for his girlfriend to finish her heated rant.

"Yes, Denise," he berkata in a defeated voice. "I know tomorrow's Valentine's day. I'm sorry that I can't be there with you," he shivered. "It's not my fault that a snowstorm is coming up tonight....
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posted by TDIlover4ever
Written oleh anonymousreader07 on Fanfiction.NET


Trent groaned a little but did not open his eyes.

Once again in a small voice she tried again, "Todd…?"

'That's not my name…'

"Oh Toooddd." She continued this time in a sing song voice.

'It's Trent.' He opened his green eyes to find a pair of wide baby blue eyes staring down at him.

Lindsay's smile was instant, "Oh good you're awake Todd!"

'Trent.' But he wanted to smile Lindsay's smile's were contagious. But he found he couldn't. He couldn't move! His whole body! He couldn't pindah a finger! All he could do was...
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posted by TDIlover4ever
Written oleh GoldiLocksHana on Fanfiction.NET

Trent dipped his feet into the pool and smiled at Lindsay.

"It's great hanging out like this" Trent smiled over at her, referencing to the fact he hadn't got to talk to her without boyfriend being with her.
"Yep" She smiled back, then continued staring at her feet as she paddled them in the water.

It was night at Haute Camp-ture and everyone was just relaxing as they always did. Most people were inside and probably in bed, but Trent and Lindsay could hear Izzy, Tyler and Cody in the games room.

"Do anda miss Gwen?" Lindsay...
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posted by TDIlover4ever
Written oleh Saturnian Sorceress on FanFiction.NET





His name is Trent.

Not Taylor. Not Tyler. Not Todd. Trent.

Lindsay recited the mantra diligently as she trudged through the woods towards the medical tent, blue eyes ever so carefully watching the ground so she didn't trip in the dark. She pulled her light jaket tighter around her body as a particularly strong gust of wind blew and her thoughts turned to the reason for her top-secret night mission. Trent. Poor, poor, sickly Trent.

An immense wave of guilt washed over the shapely...
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Trent tapped his pencil on the side of his desk, trying to drown out his teacher blither on about his Valentine’s hari plans. Dude, I get the point: you’ve got a girlfriend. Rub it in, why don’t ya? He watched the clock tick, counting down the detik until he could leave his final class for the day. Tick, tick, tick…

Finally, the bel, bell rang and Trent gathered up his papers and was the first one out the door, since his meja tulis, meja was the closest to the door. Lately, he had been especially eager to get out of that class. Probably because Gwen was in that class. It’s not like being in a class...
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"Isn't nice that Doug and Catalina got this food for everyone, Trent?" Lindsay asked before shoving a cokelat chip cookie in her mouth. I nodded and laughed to myself. She always got almost everyone's name wrong, but she remembered mine alot lebih now. I picked up the detik to last cookie on the plate. "So, Trent, why aren't anda sitting with Gretta? anda like her right?" Lindsay mumbled through a mouthful of cookie. I glanced over at Gwen; she was sitting with her "girlfriends" Bridgette and LeShawna. I glanced back at Lindsay as she was waiting for my answer. Sighing, I replied, "Yeah, but...
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One is clever, sarcastic, artistic, and is head over heels in cinta with me.

One is naive, gentle, sweet, but is taken.

One has dark brown eyes that smolder like stars in the midnight sky.

One has bright blue eyes that take my breath away.

One casually darts in and out of my mind.

One stays there, and I can't get her out of the life of me.

One makes me laugh with her about other's mistakes and misfortunes.

One makes me laugh at her for being so adorable.

One is sour, but then she's sweet.

One is always sweet.

One is named Gwen.

One is named Lindsay.

And I just need to pick one.

I need to pick...
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Written oleh fulltimereviewer on

It was a beautiful hari in Wawanakwa. Well, it was beautiful, but boring. There were no challenges, no cameras; Chris and Chef had the hari off, leaving the campers to do whatever they pleased. So today was a lazy summer day, while the campers were bored. So to entertain herself, our resident dumb blonde, Lindsay went out to explore. "La, la, la, di, doo, doo!" The blonde chirped as she skipped through the woodland. She was like a innocent child trapped in an not so innocent body. She continued to skip merrily through the wooden glen; untill...
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