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Noah was membaca his book on the plane as they flew to wherever Chris decided to take them today He coulden't get into his book to much because of everyone yelling and making alot of noise. Chris decided that everyone would get to sit in first class today just because he felt like it. Personally he would have rather been sitting anywhere but where he was because of all the noise But at least he got to be in the same room as Cody. Noah always had a thing for Cody but never told him because that just wasn't how he was he never spoke of his feelings. Now everyone was just annoying him especially...
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Noah and Cody from Total Drama gettin' frisky...or something like that.
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Warning: RATED T for Sexuality/Romance and Angst

Noah just sat there, on his tempat tidur looking at the covers...confused. 'What the hell happened last night?' He thought to himself.

Cody and Noah were both sitting on Cody's tempat tidur in his suite, watching the movie 'Far From Heaven' on the T.V.
Noah reached for the jagung meletus, popcorn in the bowl on Cody's lap, at the same time that Cody was doing as well. Noah accidently grabbed Cody's hand...he couldn't let go...
They looked at each-other, their faces were just inches away.
Noah started to lean forward, so was Cody.
Noah turned his head slowly to the left,...
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Noah's POV

Noah had wondered when he'd see Cody. He'd been watching Total Drama Island every week and tonight Cody had been voted off.

Cody arrived at the Playa de Losers, and Noah had stood there like an idiot trying to get up the nerve to go talk to him. During the dodgeball game, back on the island, Noah had sort of developed a crush on the other boy when Cody threw that ball at the other team.

Noah had wanted to talk to him more, but then Noah had been voted off that night. He'd been furious at his teammates for voting him off and he was upset that he didn't get a chance to talk to Cody....
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