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Duncan and Gwen in mine oleh Taylor swift! video credit-izzylove1999
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***This here is a collaboration fanfiction that will be done in parts oleh Gwentrend24 and me, Bakes2389. This first part is oleh me, Bakes2389. This is meant as a fanfiction from Duncan's point of view as he ventured into and out of TDWT and onto TDAS. We are trying to make this as accurate as possible with the dialogue and scenes from the show. Hope anda enjoy!***

Part 1:

    A few months had passed since the end of Total Drama Action, the reality tampil that had been sweeping the nation for two consecutive seasons. The show's juvenile delinquent had taken the win, and for his...
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(at tdwt reunion))its only been a week since it finished)
tdwt was finally over!everyone was happy except for i start walking to her but then trent runs to her!i couldnt let that dork get to her so i ran even faster but then stupid courtney grabbed me and berkata where u going duncy i berkata there is nnnnoooo way im going back with u!i pushed her and she landed on trent and they both fell into back i walked up to gwen and berkata hey why are anda so sad?

omg i cant believe this duncan wants to me!ok just stay cool gwen!so duncan asked why im so sad i answered...
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Duncan's pov
I was sitting on the dipan, sofa with court ya anda heard me right I'm back with Courtney I was just using Gwen to mess with her feelings court was in on it the whole time. Me and court were watching TV when Chris popped up on there "hello ex campers we are planing a reunion to get all the campers back back together hope to see anda there oh anda have to go atau chef will find anda haha peace out" "do anda want to go back?" I asked princess "ya could be fun" then we went to pack.........
The selanjutnya day
We were all in the bus going somewhere I looked around and Gwen wasn't her huh then we were at...
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New story! Yay! Just as I promised. Please fan MY ARTICLE. I'm trying to get a Die-Hard fan Medal. :) Happy reading. :)


It was a rather welcoming, sunny hari in Ontario, Canada. The blue jays seemed to chirp a little louder this morning. The sky nicely illuminated the sun of which it was a host of, clearing the way of any fluffy organisms that threatened to roam the sky.

There was something quite odd about this day. The ponder's market was a lot less crowded than Duncan remembered it, and the horrific sound of giggling children seemed to fade.

Time passed oleh and a pair of worn out red converse,...
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