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posted by xRainbowNinjax
Gwen is mostly oleh her self. atau rather around people, sitting in a corner oleh her self. Anyways, she has time to think to herself and lately... She has noticed her boyfriend Duncan, never really does boyfriendy stuff to her. Just the simple things, like hold her hands in public, she'll take. But...Whatever.

Gwen was having trouble sleeping in her better-then-camp crappy bed. She tried telling herself that was the problem for her lack of a peaceful slumber, but she knew otherwise. Deciding to just give up on the thing she longed for (or in this case sleep) she figured a walk and sit oleh the ocean...
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(Gwen is 15 and shes a freshman in highschool)
(Duncan is 16 and he's a sofmore in highschool)
Duncan:*Wakes up and yawns* I cant believe its a begining of a new tahun aready *Looks at clock*
oh crap! the bus!!
Duncan:*Laughs and runs out door and into bus*
Courtney:*Waves at Duncan* hey Dunky!!
Duncan:*Rolls eyes* (thinks) I hate it when she calls me that
Courtny:*Smiles as watching Duncan then smile fades as he sits in the back*
Gwen: Mom!!
Gwens mom: Yes dear?
Gwen: Im nerves what if they dont like me?!?
Gwens mom: Im sure they'll like you...
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posted by gwenlover15
I woke up and remembered the wonderful dream i had...could it be true..does duncan really cinta me? Theres only one way to find out. I streatched my arms and legs and let out a yawn. My brother jake came in "what do anda want jake!" I yelled while looking at him. Jake looked at me stragely and berkata "someones at the door, I think its duncan" he grined as he berkata duncan. I slowly started to smile noticing it could be the cinta of my life at my door. I ran downstairs and opened the door and it was duncan I smiled when I saw him. Duncan smiled at me "hey babe can I come in?" duncan said...
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posted by starlabair
This is my first fanfiction ever. Total Drama never happened. I cinta Duncan and Gwen sooo much, so please komentar and give me feedback. P.S. if anda komentar on this I will give anda a cupcake and I will continue this story.

Part 1

Gwen's POV:

*BEEP,BEEP,BEEP* My alarm went off. I slammed my hand on the snooze button and got out of tempat tidur sluggishly. I went to the bathroom,brushed my black/teal hair, put on my black eyeliner,and teal lipstick. I went back to my room and put on my ke$ha t-shirt, my black and teal rok with black leggings. As i hurried to get my black combat boots on my mom yelled from...
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posted by NeonInfernoLord
The party was set now and crowds of kids and graduates were rampaging through the field. The musik on the speakers around the field blasted musik loudly through the field.

♫Burn, baby, burn!. Burn, baby, burn!♫

The gang had now arrived at the celebration. Cody was frantically searching around for danger as he stayed away from all the grills, sharp fences, and the cords around him. oleh now the oil spilled earlier had soaked into the soil and around the field already.

“Man, I can’t believe we’re finally leaving this hellhold.” Duncan says putting an arm around Gwen as they walked.

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Alright, once again, Romeo and Juliet, but I made a few changes to some scenes. Alright, enjoy.

Duncan's P.O.V

Wow, that was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. When I saw her, it seemed like I've known her forever. Back to Courtney, I finally found her sitting down at a table. "Hey babe." I greeted Courtney. She gave me a nasty look. "What do anda want, Duncan?" Courtney carelessly asked me. "I wanted to know if anda wanted to do something on Saturday." I calmly stated. She rolled her eyes at me. "Go jump off of a cliff. For anda are a Montague, a neanderthal. Go pester some other girl."...
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posted by colecutegirl
 gwens look 2dai
gwens look 2dai
gwens pov

ok so i found out that the punk's name is ducan and he's been in juvie 4 times already!"ok gwen sit selanjutnya to duncan please' berkata miss thompson.oh Crap! i thought. art was my fave lesson but now my worst nightmare i cant really talk to him can i?"hey pasty wts ur name?" he asked "gwen" i berkata i cant exactly not talk to him. "cool im duncan and sorry bout courtney she can be a menggerutu, jalang at times" he replied "when isnt she?" i mumbled and he laughed"ur absolutley right pasty"

duncans pov

gwen finnaly spoke to me. She was so right bout courtney and she seemed to forget bout trent though i wonder why she came to this school now? anyway at free period i walked with gwen i glanced over at courtney she was ... ciuman TRENT! what a bitch! oh well why should i care i like gwen more.

sorry its short
 soo cute
soo cute
Duncan's POV
I fixed my tux, took a deep breath, and got out of my car. I was going to pick up Gwen. I can't believe I'm so nervous, I mean, I've gone out with a ton of chicks and never have been nervous on a tanggal before. Why am I starting now? I walked up to the door step and rang the door bell, Ding, Dong!

Gwen's little brother opened the door. He began, "and anda are?" I mimicked him, "and anda are?" He responded, "That's not important now. Again, and anda are?" I frowned at him. "The names Duncan dude. Now if we're done here. Where's Gwen?" He shrugged. "She left with some hot tall chick with...
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posted by tdacrazy6
Duncans P.O.V.
"Thats nice" I heard Dylan crying in the background. Gwen started laughing when I berkata that. "So whats up Dunkie?" I rolled my eyes. " Court has been calling me all afternoon. 'O Duuuuuunkie!'" Gwen started giggling "Awwww someone has a crush on Duncan!" I sighed. " ya well shes getting on my freaking nerves" "How do anda think I feel about Trent? His jokes during class are SO annoying!If the teacher says the what covers the sun durind an eclipse he says Gwens head" "More like his humongous head!" Gwen blurted out laughing
Gwens P.O.V.
Im all about making fun of Trent. For some...
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This is my first ever fan fiction so plz give me some feedback! Thanx

(Gwen's POV)
It was 6:32am while I was playing my brand new drum set I got for Christmas. I was rocking out to one of my favorit songs, Misery Business oleh paramore when my mom yelled from down stairs, "Gwen, it's time to get ready for your first hari of your new high school. It was the first hari of school and me and some other students (i.e Heather, Bridgette, and LeShawna) received special scholarships to this new prep school for Advanced Natural Talents. I trudged to the bathroom, grabbed my brush, and brushed my black and...
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posted by xRainbowNinjax
Gwen POV:
London, halaman awal of the famous, Buckenham Palace. Like i care. I know your getting sick of me saying this, but I Miss Duncan, Not as much though, i Wouldn't want him coming back and screwing up My friendish
thing with Courtney. Anyways we won last challenge, but were in Loser class
"Chris berkata he need first class for something" Sierra said
Courtney came walking up from the potty, atau she was on her PDA, But she came and SAT ON MY FREAKING SUNBURNED HAND!!!!!
"OW" I Screamed
"Opps sorry, how do anda end up with one sunburned hand?" Courtney asked
"Uh, I dont know!" Cody looked like he was hiding...
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posted by xRainbowNinjax
Gwens POV
Its been a week since Duncan left and believe atau not, i kinda miss him, DON'T tell Courtney. And, OK i dont kinda miss him, i Really miss him!!!! Ugh... Hes my best friend, not crush......
Duncans POV
Stupid Chris Kicked me out of the plane, i landed in a Cactus. Yea wasn't pretty. I Kinda, Killed the cactus. I Miss Courtney. Hmm, No im not a softie... Well now im at vegas im staying in london :D Im a punk band. So i was watching TDWT and Saw Courtney and Gwen.. Ah Gawd whats wrong with me, OK ill admit it I Miss Gwen.......... :( Shes pretty, Sexy, Hot, But Courtney is, well, Shes Crazy,...
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posted by xRainbowNinjax
Duncans POV

"LOOK THE BUS IS STOPPING" Lashawna screamed ganstaly (Please do not ask about the word, i had to much sugar)
"Yay now we can eat Chefs Disgusting food, and be in Chris's stressing challenges."I Sarcastically said
"Duncan anda know anda want to come off the bus and give me a ciuman :D"Courtney berkata Sexy like.
That made me shut up and follow, with a little mouth opening from her hotness.
_Gwens POV_
I was waiting to get in the isle. Heather came oleh and pushed me in the seat. I pushed her back, i saw she hit duncan who basically knocked over courtney....
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6th Grade
Duncan's P.O.V.
Ahhhg the school dance is coming up. I HATE dances. In my team (we have teams at my middle school. I'M ON ORION! :p), your language arts teacher FORCES anda to ask someone, atau they ask out your crush FOR you! Well, I basically have two crushes, but I'm not gonna tell anda who they are!
But, an obvious crush is Courtney. She's got a kick pantat, keledai (gasp, I swore! Big whoop! No teacher is gonna read THIS! >:3) attitude, and her parents got LAWYERS! She keeps saying, "MY PARENTS WILL SUE YOU!" I cinta when she says that.
Well, I DO have my best friend Gwen... I don't think that...
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posted by xRainbowNinjax
Duncan's P.O.V
We were on the bus, on our way to our new adventure.
I can't believe i have to deal with this crap again!
"Duncan I am SO happy were in a season together, like a whole season :D" Courtney berkata Cheerfully.
"Oh how i would cinta to get tortured oleh the famous Chris Mclean!!"
"Shut up Duncan , oh and don't harsh my mood!"
"Yes princess..."
Gwen's P.O.V
I could hear Duncan and Courtney. I have NO CLUE WHY, but i kinda agree with Courtney, yet again i still agree with Duncan. I Turned around and said,
"You know ,Courtney, if anda spoke any louder the whole bus would here you!"
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added by bigpurplemuppet
posted by Dugwen4ever
-----chapter 3-----
---Gwen's P.O.V.---
So Duncan, Courtney went up the pyramid with me but Cortney and me kept fighting the whole way up and that was really bad cuz just oleh looking at Duncan's face, means it was not good at all!
---Duncan's P.O.V.---
Cortney and Gwen were fighting the whole way up the pyramid and it was so annoying! But when we got to the puncak, atas I kinda over reacted alittle... I berkata "THAT'S IT I CAN'T HANDLE THESE TWO ANY LONGER! I QUIT!!!! YA HEAR McLean?!?" I went running down to him saying those words while dragging Cortney and Gwen behind me. When I got to the bottom Chris's...
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