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posted by beachchick
The team has just wrapped up a big case. And the whole team is going out to celebrate.
“Hey captain we’re going out to celebrate anda want to come?” Elliot asked. “Sure, let me just finish putting the case in the system.” Cragen replied. “That’s ok we are still waiting on Olivia and Alex.” Munch said.

Alex and Olivia are walking down the street.
“Well I’m glad that it’s over.” Alex said. “He won’t be harming innocent children anytime soon.” Olivia berkata smiling. “We should go visit him when is sentence is over in 150 years.”
They are walking down the jalan, street laughing...
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posted by iluvtheshow
Olivia sat at her desk, all her ever pressing emotions bumping around her head. When she went halaman awal the emotions broke through the cage of her mind. Sealview, El- never mind she didn't need to about him too. Work was her only refuge, a place were Olivia's raging anger and sadness went into what she did. She was not a feeble, troubled women, atau so she thought. She was Detective Olivia Benson, and that had to mean something.

The case she and El were working on was bothering her. It was just so demented. The perp would kidnap 3-4 people and run "experiments" on them. There had been 3 seperate sets...
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posted by crowdreamer
Part I—The Assault

There she was, sitting at her desk…with his gun. What the heck was I thinking, leaving her alone like this? he asked himself.
    “Liv. Liv what are anda doing?” A huge pit opened up in his stomach, while each hair on his head stood at attention. She raised the gun to her head.
    Just one bulan ago, Olivia Benson had a regular life--as regular as it could be for a detective who investigated rape cases. While other cops in her department came and went, burning out due to the egregious nature of the horrendous crimes they witnessed...
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posted by j2eee
As Olivia walked towards the squadroom, she smiled replaying last night in her head.
She walked in and noticed Elliot wasnt at his desk.
"Hey Casey..Errm wheres Elliot?" Olivia berkata as Casey handed her a coffee.
"In with Captin Cragen,He asked me to keep anda out of there? Do anda know something we dont?"
"No" Olivia replied abruptly.
"Ok someone got out of the wrong side of the tempat tidur this morning" Casey berkata walking away.
"Dont bother Olivia" Casey said.
Olivia turned around to see Elliot walking out of captins office. Elliot handed Captin Cragen his shield and gun.
"ELLIOT" Olivia says as she...
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posted by svu_luver


"Elliot...Elliot!..."said captain"What the hell is going on?"

"Olivia.."Said Elliot quietly but loud enough for everyone to hear him"She's been kidnapped..."

Silence filled the squadroom as no one knew what to say atau what to do.

"Well I see anda guys have made much progress in the case..."Said Graylack sarcassticly walking in" squad in D.C...."

"Well anda shove it with D.C. no one here gives a f*** if anda care about D.C. so much than go back!!"yelled Elliot annoyed, angry, sad, and confused.

"Elliot!..."yelled captain"We are all going on a roller coster ride right now but...
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posted by Denajah101
Olivia sat on the dipan, sofa all alone deep into a case when someone knocked on the her surprise it was Elliot!!!el what are anda doing here so late.umm... No REASON ! I didn't wake anda did I Elliot berkata nervously. No just working on a case.Elliot sat on the dipan, sofa looked at the case file and then back at liv.liv this is a cold case anda need to sleep.I can't I think this might be connected to my mothers how are Kathy and the kids ?Um I don't know why don't anda ask Kathy!Elliot yelled in rage.oh Elliot I'm sorry I didn't its not your fault I just lost it sorry for screaming...
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posted by svu_luver

"Kathy!!"he screamed running to the body

" wake up...wake up!!"he screamed on his hands and knees,tears streaming down his face, shaking the body,nothing,not even a moan. He collased over her body while still wispering her name he couldn't beleive it......his wife the
love of his life lay their motionless in a pile of blood,her blood,and yet deep inside he was somehow happy it was her and not Olivia.

"We'll hello Mr.Stabler"said a voice it was too dark see anything but a figure."Nice of anda to gabung us...*laughs*...see she that wife of yours she was a naughty one we had...
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It happened. Elliot had been shot. The man pulled his gun and BANG! Right at Elliot's chest. Olivia wasnt even looking. She was walking away.Right at the end of the ally. Right where the sun was shining. BANG! She herd it and turned. The man ran but Olivia didnt care. All she could see was Elliot, HER Elliot lying on the ground. She ran to him. "Officer down officer down we need a bus at 10th and Parkway". Elliot's eyes were closed. She thought he was dead. "Wake up! Elliot please". The EMTs were there. "Hes still breathing" one yelled. He was on the strecher and in the ambulance. Olivia by...
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posted by elliotishot
Oh he felt sooo good. She never felt someone sooo good as her partner Elliot felt. That chest! She couldnt get enough. She never wanted someone soo badly before in her life. Ever scince he pulled her through his door into the apartment. His strong sexy arm grabbing hers. He was in his underwear. She had never seen him in his underwear before. She immedatly felt a response between her legs. He tried to look upset but she knew he wasnt.Elliot was always terrible at hiding his emotions.He was glad that she was there. She needed to see him and as much as he wanted to act like he didnt he needed...
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posted by j2eee
As Elliot ran towards the E.R. entrance he felt the tears in his eyes running down his cheek. He could see Olivia running behind him in the corner of his eye. When he got inside he stoped to catch his breath and locate the check-in desk.

"El" Olivia berkata placing her hand on his sholder.
"Please get off me Olivia" He berkata as he jerked her hand off his sholder and walked towards the desk.
"My daughter, Lizzie Stabler was in an accident, where is she??"
"She is in ICU room one" The meja tulis, meja clerk berkata as she handed him a sketck map of the hospital tampilkan each room. Elliot didnt reply he just ran up...
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Olivia sat in her sitting room thinking just take the pills and this could all go away, she would never have to see his face again the-look in his eyes when he lunged at her. The alcohol she was drinking helped numb her system. The tears that filled her eyes fell onto her cheak. She was 10 how could some one she trused do that to her?
-"Liv, Please I know your in there open the door?"
"-Dammit Elliot please go away!" Olivia berkata rasing her voice to hide her sobs.
"Olivia Benson there is somethimg wrong with anda and im not letting anda suffer alone... Please? Trust me?" Elliot berkata resting his...
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added by svu_lover1
elliot stabler
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olivia benson
As Elliot sat in the hospital he couldnt help but think that it was his fault olivia was here
"Liv i dont know if u can hear me but please wake up, i miss seening anda full of life.."

As Elliot berkata this he slowly took her hand and kissed her cheak.
"Elliot? Is that you?" olivia whispers as she slowly regains her vision
"Olivia!! Your awake.. :) i read anda note-"
"Please dont mess with me El if anda dont like me-"
*Elliot cradles her head and kisses her lips*
"i couldnt mess with you, anda are my life.. Your allowed go halaman awal today i explained to the doctor and he berkata anda can leave"
"Elliot thats wonderful!"
"Ill get the car" :)
*Standing outside Livs Apartment*
"can i come in?" Elliot says as he grabs her hand
"of course anda can"....
elliot stabler
fanfic vid
olivia benson
posted by wrvengirl
This is my first fanfiction please comment!


"Are anda ready for me Daddy?"my partner Olivia Benson purred steppig towards me.I was wearing nothing but my boxers and she had taken off her shirt.She came up to me and put her hands on my chest and that undid me. She didn't notice did she? Yes...she did. she she ground against me and i put my arm around her and pulled her closer.My god she is sooooo beautiful but, now, i can't look at her because if i do she'll see right through me , see how very much i want her. I only had time to think "I cinta anda Livvy!" before she was yanked away.

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posted by j2eee
As Oliva lay on her dipan, sofa she recalls the wonderful times she had with her partner,her best friend,her love, Elliot Stabler. Just thinking of him made her feel happy again, she hasnt felt happy in a while hiding her feelings was killing her.
She hears him bernyanyi as he walks up the hall.
"Liv anda home?" Elliot says
"Yeah El,come in" Olivia says as she smiles
"you look better, how anda feeling?, still sick?"
"yeah but i might be back tommrrow" Oliva berkata looking down
"hey come here, give me a hug" Elliot berkata leaning into give her a hug.
As he hugged her Olivia sqeezed her eyes shut appriciating every...
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posted by elliotishot
"Cold today huh?" Kathy and Olivia were taking a walk with Eli in central park. It was a little windy as they pushed Eli in his stroller . Olivia was actully surprised Kathy had called and asked her to go. Her and Kathy wernt very close. It wasnt that she hated Kathy. She didnt. she was just well... she was jelous of Kathy. Kathy had a wonderful husband and five beautiful children. Olivia would give anything to have that. But Olivia was Eli's godmother now.Elliot wanted Olivia to be apart of Eli's life so mabey Kathy is trying to be lebih friendly towards Olivia. Afterall Olivia did save her...
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e/o Take Me In Your Arms
Chapter One

It was the personal jokes they shared, his quips and komentar that made her laugh. It was that exchange of ideas and theories, and conversations of cases that made her feel like she belonged. But it his warm smile and sly winks from across the room that made her jantung skip a beat.

Olivia sat at her desk, pouring over the paperwork for her solved case, one last time. But her mind was most certainly not on the file that needed to be at central booking oleh morning. It was on the man that sat at the meja tulis, meja opposite her. She looked up for a single moment, but became...
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posted by elbaby313
Liv what did anda just say?I berkata he almost raped me and anda weren't there for me.I didn't know Liv,I..I just didn't know and I would have been there for anda and i thought anda knew that.Now Liv please tell me what happened that night?OK.I um went out on a tanggal with this guy and he seemed fine at first.Everything was good.We ordered food,we laughed and we got to know each other.It had to have been around 9 pm when i called it off.It was getting late.I told him I had to go but he he got a little weird in berkata I should stay a little longer. Liv how is that weird.It isn't what he berkata its how he...
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posted by iluvtheshow
She had no true childhood. That was the plain truth. Her mother was to busy loving drinks to cinta a daughter.

He had a childhood. With a mother who loved to watch the snowflakes. A mother who was "different".

She had goals. She wanted to stop what had happened to her mother. Never again have to say that word that tasted vile.

He had goals. He also had faults. He felt like he just wound up with his wife. He loved his kids with all his jantung but there was something missing.

She knew that she was in cinta the moment she saw him. Those blue eyes that melted her heart. She felt broken when she heard...
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