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msanders2008 posted on Sep 18, 2009 at 08:01PM
I thought this might be a fun thing to do and allow the fans to be creative.
One person post a scene from any Supernatural episode and the next person comes up with a small story or quotes pertaining to that scene. Try to be real creative and have fun with it.
I will post the first scene.

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu msanders2008 said…
Here is the first scene
 Here is the first scene
lebih dari setahun yang lalu LEH-Pjevsen said…
big smile
I don't get if it has to be related to the real scene, or just something we make up. Did I do it right? Anyway, great idea!

"Sam, you know I've got a better tast in women than any other person in the whole world," Dean said stubbornly.
"What can I do for you today?" a female voice asked.
Dean looked up to see a young beautiful waitress standing with big brown eyes casted on him.
"The night of my life," Dean said under his breathe.
"Excuse me?" The waitress looked confused.
"Uh, mmm... Today's special," Dean said in his best by-special-I-mean-you voice, and smirked.
The waitress smilled back, but as another woman came through the door, it caught her attention. The woman moved slowly over to the waitress, and pulled her arms around her waist.
"Hey darling," the newcomer said and pulled the waitress into a soft kiss.
The waitress slowly pulled away, looked at Dean and said: "The today's special's on it's way," and she left with the woman still holding her arms around her waist.
"Yeah Dean, you've really got a great taste there, but I'm sure you're not gonna get lucky tonight, I don't think you're her type," Sam laughed as he saw Dean blush.
"Shut up Sam!" Dean shot Sam an irritating look, but gave a hidden smile by Sam's laugh.

Here's the next scene...
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 I don't get if it has to be related to the real scene, atau just something we make up. Did I do it righ
lebih dari setahun yang lalu msanders2008 said…
That was great! Yes its something we make up, totally different from the real scene
lebih dari setahun yang lalu msanders2008 said…
Well what do you think said Dean to Sam. Sam looks around the place and smiled. I think the gang played another joke on us! There is no party here! Dean looks around and starts laughing, all I can say is
they are going to really regret doing this. Sam looks confused and ask Dean why they are going to regret this, we are the one missing the party! Dean laughs again. Yeah but we are the one with the keg in the car!

Here's the next one!
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 Well what do anda think berkata Dean to Sam. Sam looks around the place and smiled. I think the gang pla
lebih dari setahun yang lalu LEH-Pjevsen said…
"Tell me again, why are we sitting here?"
Dean looked at his brother and grinned by the irritating look he was giving him.
"I can't tell you just yet," Dean answered; he wouldn't wanna ruin the surprise.
"So we're just gonna sit here and have a picnic, while waiting?" Sam asked without letting Dean answered, "This really doesn't look like you."
"Nothing really looks like any of us these days," Dean tried to make it a joke, but he couldn't hide the serious in his voice.
Dean eyed a car, far behind Sam, parking, and then a man walking out, caring something in his arms, went towards the brothers.
Sam was too busy looking at the view; he hadn't said anything since Dean's last comment, to notice the man walking up behind him.
"HAPPY BITHDAY!" Sam jump, and saw Dean and Bobby behind him, smiling to him. He was so embarrassed, he had forgotten his own birthday, and now his brother and Bobby had surprised him.
"Hey there boys, surprised Sammy? You jump to the moon and back there," Bobby grinned and continued, "Anyone wants some cake?"
"Thanks Bobby," Sam was still half in shock, "it's awesome!" This time Sam looked at Dean and gave him a special look only the brothers had, when they couldn't find words or it was too embarrassing to say them right there, they gave each other that, when Dean saw it, he knew exactly what it meant, and gave a nod and smile back.

Okay, this was a bit long, but I had to write it:) Here's the next!
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 "Tell me again, why are we sitting here?" Dean looked at his brother and grinned oleh the irritating l
Flickerflame commented…
So cute! lebih dari setahun yang lalu
lebih dari setahun yang lalu msanders2008 said…
Sam and Dean sat in the Impala looking up at the house.
"Are you positive this is the man?" Sam inquired for the second time.
"The Captain said that this man is the one that killed Detective Singer," replied Dean.
The men got out of their car and proceeded with caution to the front of the house, Dean wondering if they should have called for backup. Dean whispered to Sam to have his gun and badge ready.
They approached the door and rung the door bell. A man in is mid-forties answered, Sam and Dean yelled FBI and flashed their badges.
The man pushed hard at the front door, knocking Sam and Dean backwards and took off down the street. Sam and Dean starting running after him, guns ready. They gave chase for about another block when they lost sight of him. Sam looks at Dean and says "The Captain is going to be pissed, we really screwed this one up."

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 Sam and Dean sat in the Impala looking up at the house. "Are anda positive this is the man?" Sam inqui
lebih dari setahun yang lalu LEH-Pjevsen said…
"Yes, what is it son?" Bobby came around the corner and saw Dean standing with tearful eyes. "What's wrong Dean?"
"You want believe it, it was Sam."
Bobby froze, had something happened to Sam? Was he hurt?
"Is he hurt?"
"No! My Baby is!" Dean said with anger, and Bobby didn't understand at first.
"What is Dean?"
"The Impala, my Baby, Sam hit a tree, he got away without a scratch, but my baby is hurt! I can't believe he hit a tree..." Dean made his own kind of puppy eyes to Bobby, and Bobby knew what Dean wanted.
"Oh... C'mere Dean, it gonna be okay, we'll fix her together," and Bobby pulled Dean into a hug.
"Thanks Bobby."
 "Bobby?" "Yes, what is it son?" Bobby came around the corner and saw Dean standing with tearful eyes
lebih dari setahun yang lalu msanders2008 said…
Dean: "Nothing looks good here. Are you goning to order anything?"
Sam : "No, I am just going to finish my water."
Dean: "Are you on that Fanpop site again?"
Sam : "Yes, I just love it."
Dean: "Well if you ask me you are becoming obsessed with it."
Sam : "No am not!" "I do switch off from youtube to fanpop."
Dean: "Whatever." "If you done there, lets hit the road."
Sam : "Ok, just let me finish watching this video on these Winchester guys."
Dean: "OH for the love of God!"
 Dean: "Nothing looks good here. Are anda goning to order anything?" Sam : "No, I am just going to fi
lebih dari setahun yang lalu LEH-Pjevsen said…
Future Dean: "If you call me 'Future Dean' one more time, I'll personally break your nose!"
Dean: "Okay then, second me, what the hell were you doing?"
Future Dean: "All you can come up with is 'second me'? God your rusty," future Dean laughed as he toss a beer to himself standing on the other side of the car.
"And by the way, I wasn't thinking, okay?"
Dean: "When did you become such a jerk? You don't open a beer like that! One hand and beer all over the place, you do it nice and slow, like this," Dean opened his beer. "Now none of the precious beer is going to waste," Dean smirked and sipped at the beer.
Future Dean: "Okay, got it, now lets get back to business, can't believe I just got a lesson 'bout opening a beer, and then by myself, I'm the friggin' oldest."
Dean: "You said something?"
Future Dean: "Nope!"
 Future Dean: "If anda call me 'Future Dean' one lebih time, I'll personally break your nose!" Dean: "O
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Kats091 said…
Hey you LEH-Pjevsen! I know you posted this a year ago, but you're really good! I like your stories. My turn now! (I'm a FRENCH canadian, sorry if some things sound weird ;P)

D: Dude, what are we doing here!?
S: Hey, don't look at me.
D: How could I know that the girl was not the werewolf!? Everything led to her!
S: I told you, that we should talk with her before shooting her in the heart! We're lucky you missed her...
D: I didn't miss her, I never miss my shots!
S: So you shooted beside her just to scare her, made her scream and alert neighbors?

Dean think for a second and do his I-got-it! face.
D: She teleported herself away.

Sam make his I-can-believe-you-just-say-that face and leaves.


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 hey anda LEH-Pjevsen! I know anda diposting this a tahun ago, but you're really good! I like your stories.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu LEH-Pjevsen said…
That's okay, I'm glad you posted actually, I like this game! And don't worry about your English, my mother-tongue is Danish, which means English isn't my first language either. Oh, and thank you so much for the nice words, I'm very glad you like my stories. Yours aren't bad either!

Dean: "Sam, what the hell are we doing here, there's nothing evil in this town!"
Sam: "I uh, Cas said there was something big going on."
Dean: "Well, all I see is a god-forsaken city and no evil, nothing in the newspaper either, so whadda-ya say we go back to the motel, sleep in and leave in the morn-"
Dean stops talking as he notice something moving in front of him. He pulls the Colt out and aims, Sam, behind him, takes his shotgun.
Dean whispers: "You see that? Know who it is?"
After a long pause, Sam nervously whipser his answer.
Sam: "That's, that's Becky over there..."
Dean: "...and that's other girls coming this way."
Sam: "Dean? You can's shoot them."
Dean: "I know, damnit! Run Sam!"
In no time they were sprinting down the road, away from the fangirls - who eagerly runs after them.
Dean: "Cas, I'm gonna kill ya!"

 That's okay, I'm glad anda diposting actually, I like this game! And don't worry about your English, my m