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Fanpup says...
I remember visiting this website once...
It was called Terra Nova fan Club | Fansite with photos, videos, and lebih
Here's some stuff I remembered seeing:
wich Cast member are you most excited to see?
*SPOILER* How do you feel about Washington being shot/killed?
which couples better (sorry if i spelled them wrong)
What is the currency used called? It was mentioned in episode 1/2 and 3...
terra nova tonight r u gonna watch it tonight?
Excerpt: The show is very interesting. I love the little girl Zoe! She\'s very adorable. It was funny when the dinosaur was picking her up. I wonder why they were making a kind of juice. What do you think happened to the juice now? I mean it was hidden behind a bush the dinosaurs might have sniffed it out now they drank it! Ha ha! I also like Maddie. She\'s funny! She asked Jim how do you know a boy likes you? Duh when they want to check your house and stay! Elizabeth is the mother she has three kids. How does she live? Kids are to much chaos... Please comment and thanks for reading!
Excerpt: The series is based on an idea by British writer Kelly Marcel.[5] Alex Graves signed on to direct the pilot.[6] Brannon Braga serves as showrunner.[7] Australia was chosen after producer Steven Spielberg vetoed Hawaii because he wanted a different filming location from his 1993 film Jurassic Park.[8] The two-hour pilot was filmed over 26 days in late November to December 2010.[5] It was shot in south-east Queensland, Australia, with locations in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Gold Coast Hinterland.[9][10] The shoot was plagued by torrential rain and additional material had to be shot in...
The show is currently being shopped to other networks by Twentieth Television.
Nicole Wander's review of women in Terra Nova on
I am thinking about buying a collectable item from Terra Nova on EBay but it is kind of pricey. Has anyone heard about the Breathe X mask? Does it really work?
syfy is going to pick it up in one year like they picked up Merlin when it got canceled here
this sucks i loved that show only the good get canceled young
poll was added: On what pilgrimage did the Shannon's arive on
an answer was added to this question: What is the currency used called? It was mentioned in episode 1/2 and 3...
a comment was made to the poll: Are you upset that Terranova has been cancelled?
a poll was added: Are you upset that Terranova has been cancelled?
a video was added: Hummingbird Heartbeat | Mark & Maddy
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