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This is some fan art I created a number of years ago. The primary image is owned oleh Paramount, and I have added an alternate background.
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NASA Astronaut Mike Fincke & ESA Astronaut Luca Parmitano reflect on the inspiration that actor Leonard Nimoy’s character Mr. Spock in the televisi series bintang Trek had on scientists, engineers, luar angkasa explorers and fan around the globe.
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Spock looked up from his Science console and berkata "Captain, I am picking up a un-identifiend object is appearing from a quantum universal-dimentional rift along the ion trail from the probe we launched."
"On screen," Kirk orderd. Immediatly, the screen showed a person floating through luar angkasa towards the the Enterprise.
I saw the ship coming towards me. How come I don't need oxygen? Oh, thats right, the system has removed the need for oxygen. The ship's registry read: USS Enterprise, NCC-1701; I've seen that before, but where?
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