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posted by stampylover2025
jerami, hay Stamps

Im stampylover2025 I called my self that because I think anda are amazing! Do anda know tntman because he berkata to me that anda berkata to him hi tntman.

bye Stamps

p.s I am a fan of anda and I have watched about a million of your vidios with and with out tntman.
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Stampy's P.O.V

*Thinking* Today I'll make a minecraft video with my friends.....

"Hello this is Stampy, and welcome to a minecraft lets play video! And another video inside... Stampy's Lovely World...Today we will be joined byyy...L for Lee, Squid, Amy, Longbow, Rosie, Squishy bebek and...Ha ha! My cake that Lee is going to give me for break fast! Now, I would like my break fast when I wake up so let's go over to Lee's painting." *Only can see Lee's nose* "Um...Lee? Where has your body gone? Ha ha! *Lee gets out* Now Lee, I'm having a late break fast and that means I have to have brunch!" *Lee...
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posted by karter76
Hello stampy, I cinta your videos!!! I watch all your video and I am subscribed to your channel! I am 6 years old and would cinta to hear from you!! We cinta watching your video after school. We have learned so much. We cinta your cakes!!! anda are the coolest!! We really really hope anda write us back. It would make our day!!! We can't wait. Thanks for all your fun stuff!! Hope to hear from anda soon!!! ...............:):):):):):)::):):):):);););););$:):):):):);););):):):);););):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):););

anda are 10000000000000000000000000000000% awesome!

cinta Karter
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