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Spuffy WE NEED lebih PARTICIPATION ON THIS SPOT! who agrees?

20 fans picked:
Yes! Spuffy deserves lebih participa- tion!!!!
Yes! Spuffy deserves lebih participation!!!!
No! we do fine!
No! we do fine!
I don&# 39; t know...
I don't know...
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 buffyl0v3r44 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Yes! Spuffy deserves more...
smvgirl1988 picked Yes! Spuffy deserves lebih participation!!!!:
Spuffy deserves it besides angel and cordelia make a better fit before cordelia angel used to be fatherly and pouty when cordelia was around he was more funny.With buffy around for spike he loved her enough to change and if with him being the souless vampire he helped her when no one else was around and he never hurt any of her friends by killing them or anything and he was always hiding his feelings for her with hatred and he loved no matter the situation and after seeing red he actually instead of running away faced it and got his soul back for her which i think buffy's issue of never loving spike was because of the no soul thing and after he got his soul back for her, she started to love him my opinion.
posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu.