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7 years ago
Me:hey lun did anda hear about the new kid
Luna: yeah i hope he's cute atau she will be our friend
Me:yeah me too
(Just then we see a white hedgehog)
Luna:cool lets go and talk to him (pulls me to him)
Me:(blushes and shakes head) umm i can i hear my mom calling me (turns around)
Luna:(grabs my arm) ohh no anda dont you're coming to say hi
Both: (walks towards the hedgehog, but i stand behind luna)
Hedgehog: hi
Luna:come on magic say hi
Hedgehog: ohh is she your sister?
Luna:i wish but no she's my friend ( pulls me in front of her) here she is
Me:(looks down and blushes) hi
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It was a warm, bright, and sunny hari in west mobiuos. Diva the cat, the leader of a team of bounty hunters, was taking a walk down 'Love sight forest' (because thats the qickest way to town). She desided to take a break and sat down, she looked up at the sky that was atop of the green lefted trees. She sighed and looked to her left, she saw a tall green line run past her. Then when she looked over to the right the line stoped revieling it to be Scourge. 'Oh no! Not him!' She thought, then right after that thought Scourge ran over to her. "Hey sweet stuff!" He greeted, "...Hi..." Diva replied,...
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Kayla and Tails ran around in cari for the Emeralds. “There they are!” Kayla cried, pointing. Tails flew and picked them up. Kayla picked up the Green Chaos zamrud, emerald and ran away. “Come on!” she called over her shoulder. Her sister, Cinyella, was sitting around, listening to her iPod. “This mine of loss that you’re making, your cinta is mine for the taking. My cinta is just waiting to turn your tears to roses. I will be the one that’s going to hold you. I will be the one that you’re onto. My cinta is a-burning considering fire. No, you’ll never be alone. When darkness comes,...
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