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Nick was becoming increasingly irritated that Rin hadn’t responded to his calls. He wished she had a cellphone but until now she never needed one. He was running out of places to look at, and his mind would not think to look to the school for quite a while yet.

Nick’s cellphone rang. When he pulled it out he noticed the time. 3:50 P.M. He had Two hours and ten menit left. Where was Rin? “Rin!” He called out. “Answer!” He had to find her, explain, convince, and… He didn’t even know what he would convince her of. Nick did not want to make that call, and he had no control over...
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 Boots with Asylum Straps
Boots with Asylum Straps
this is all the info on my characters that maybe isn't clear from the pictures i i'll daftar it here (Note: this does NOT include any background info. that's a compleatly different story)
Dark Blade (Hedgehog)
Fashion Sense: Pt. 1; Clothes
he has a punk style and always wares leather combat boots, usually with Asylum Straps and some sort of metal in places (like studs atau a metal skull) his pants usually have visible stitches and multiple colors, some call them patch pants. he never wares a kemeja but always has a jaket on. from time 2 time he wares different gloves depending on how he...
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posted by sparkyhedgehog
"our son is a freak!" screamed the queen. "why does this have to happen to us?!" the king did not respond. "what do we do, dear?!" the queen shouted out with anger. the king then responded, "don't let him find out about his powers.......never tell anyone,"

(ten years later)

throughout the tahun the prince, now named "sparky" went to the woods to explore. his parents always told him that it was not how a prince should behave. sparky ignored that. on one certain trip though.......things happened. sparky tried to run as fast as he could.....

"no one can ever keep up with me!" sparky yelled at his...
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posted by night-vamphog
Three months pass quickly.
    ''Come on just a little bit more. Push.''
    ''I'm pushing as hard as I can! Ah!'' she pushes as hard as she can.
    ''Just a bit harder Night,'' Soon enough Aldinach is holding two little children. ''They're adorable,'' sits selanjutnya to Night holding them. ''A boy and a girl. What do anda want to name them?''
    Holds the boy and looks at him. He has white and blue bulu and blue eyes. ''Ravage,'' looks at the girl. ''You name her.''
    Aldinach looks down at her, she...
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posted by bustacap96
Forge, Ifuen
Rank: Sergeant
Date of Birth: February 3, 1987
Gender: Male
Species: Hedgehog/Bat mix
Height: 3'7
Weight: 55 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue

Ifuen, the de facto leader of Bravo Team, has always been a private man who keeps his pain to himself. But the strain of facing even lebih lethal enemies set on destroying humanity is starting to show. His nightmares are lebih frequent and filled with gambar of his late father and friends he’s seen die. In Frostmourne 3 he learns a bittersweet secret about his father’s real fate that renews his determination to finish the Dragon Code and the...
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posted by jadethewolf
i made some cool new sonic people. names are flash,blaze, and jade. never miss me atau blaze atau dead is ever one membaca i will never kill jus pla fuck fuck i cinta sonic people if i kill our are dead i killl m fuck in shi moher fucker ui im alat pendingin, pendingin no one miss win me our i kill sorr im a indoied fuck i fuck i fuck fuck fuck fcuk jda fmjezsb cl/djfioaksdgfbkjahgdsfvbjksfdrhfjsdjfljorheiufgsdhkvnjrjfhudsjbvnlkhrfguhbdsjkvfhreufhbm,djcnejwgfbjcxkncjkwegjfkdsnijhsmenclksdjfkmwenf.ildwfkjsd.c,kwejfjsdlefhckksdmnbufhbedfjewjkhf hfkj fuck
three lebih to go...but there will be many perils on the road ahead of you.Ⓧ

MTL walked deeper into the pit until he reached a sewer,progressing in MTL saw many corpse mutilated and being eaten oleh sewer rats(non-mobian),some of the corpses have strange symbols carved into there flesh,the symbols are circles with "X"s in them(Ⓧ),but suddenly,the slenderfox reappeared,it came flying at MTL,having little to no reaction time,MTL reached in his pocket for note...but the slenderfox grabbed MTL oleh the hear,he reverted to watch form and whited out...MTL then woke up shortly later,back in the same...
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[Warning: minor spoilers sort of...]

I remember how we were born. A stern father who hated us. A beautiful mother who found us disgusting. A pair of parents who abandoned us. Left us out on the jalan, street in a unstable town. To die. We were punished for something we did not ask for. For our supposed digesting deform we have.

Conjoined twins. That is what me and my brother, Amore were. Connected at the skull and shared a brain. We didn't ask for this. I cinta to be close with my brother, but not this close.

For years, we lived in alley ways and on the streets. Making money for tampilkan people our gross...
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posted by night-vamphog
The selanjutnya hari when they get halaman awal from school they hear something going on in the back. They go back there to see Aldinach and Night fighting. Aldinach dives down and punches Night in the chest. She grabs his fist and throws him into a pohon trunk. He gets back up and charges at her. Night's hands go on fire. Typhon jumps in the middle of them. Aldinach almost kicks her in the head and Night almost punches her with her burning hand.
    ''Whats going on?! Why in the world are anda two fighting!'' Typhon says not even flinching from their attacks.
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In the tahun of 3242 on the Prime Zone of Mobius, a paradox was created. A hand of evil used the power of seven different-colored chaos emeralds to attempt to reshape the Prime Zone in his image. A conflict arose between the evil, and good, resulting in the planet mutating into a different history and people completely.

Briefly before these events took place, a scientist called “Dr. Finitevus” had fastened a protective bunker that would shield him from the affects for a time. When the paradox-era began, he was caught in dead space, and discovered entirely new alien-like worlds...
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Hello everybody, Toot here, atau Toootie; whatever. I'm here to bring anda my puncak, atas 5 favorit sonic fan characters daftar because my opinion apparently matters! Alright, a little ground rules first of all. One, no characters that are owned oleh me shall appear on this list, the reason for this is obvious. Two, if lebih then one character is owned oleh the same person on this list, they will appear as a tie. We don't want the entire daftar flooded with Azurique's and Hiddenlight's characters. Three, I will go off of what I know of the character alone, so characters that I know a lot about will have an advantage...
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Chapter 1: Meeting
Location: Lexistropolis high school
Date: Friday, November 28th, 4337
Time: 3:49 P.M.
“Tess? Tess!” A voice called out from a giant traffic-line of students

“Over here!” Another voice responded.

The first figure slowly scooted his way through the crowd, tripping here and there, until he had finally made it to… the other side of the hallway.

It was a young Chameleon boy, around the age of 16. He was dark green, and was wearing a light blue and white T kemeja and blue jeans. The detik figure was a young Pale yellow Chameleon girl. She was also at the age of 16 and had...
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This was made only because I needed to make a form for the tanggal a villain thing, but I thought I’d post it up here for anyone who’d want to try it.

Welcome to the Sonic fan Character Dating Site! Please fill out the following pertanyaan as honestly as possible. Under no circumstances are anda to right jawaban such “I don’t care” atau “Anything’s fine”. If anda do so, your answer to those will be changed to something relating to Barney atau a shirtless Michael Jackson. Also anda are not allowed to use homosexual characters in this form.






Hair color/style:...
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posted by silveranime122
 ~MADE oleh GUARDIANKEY'S~Well....Nobody know's THIS one...'Cause me and GuardianKey's were TEXTING RP.If anda want me to tell what's it's about,just put it in the comment's below!~Anyway's...I'm the Enchinda,and the other one is Platinum(GuardianKey's FC)
~MADE BY GUARDIANKEY'S~Well....Nobody know's THIS one...'Cause me and GuardianKey's were TEXTING RP.If you want me to tell what's it's about,just put it in the comment's below!~Anyway's...I'm the Enchinda,and the other one is Platinum(GuardianKey's FC)
Wow...I have been though SO many Rp's :3
And I decided to share all the photo's and crap. XD WELL....


Not alot...But OH WELL XD I just wanted to share memories! 8D

THANK anda for whoever RP'd with me before!! I cinta doing it! :3 Espically with anda guy's!

I hope for some AWSOME RP'S in the future!!
*dances randomly XD*



 ~MADE oleh TAKTHEFOX~...Well...XD YEP!Zac and Rynk KISSING.
 ~MADE oleh GUARDIANKEY'S~A RP WWAAYYY back in like...July?I donno XD This one was how we started RPing together! The little one is Mintz(GuardianKey's FC) and the other one is Dom in toxic form. :3
~MADE BY GUARDIANKEY'S~A RP WWAAYYY back in like...July?I donno XD This one was how we started RPing together! The little one is Mintz(GuardianKey's FC) and the other one is Dom in toxic form. :3
 ~MADE oleh MEPHILESTHEDARK~....Just....too epic....I even PRINTED it out!!I loved it So much!
~MADE BY MEPHILESTHEDARK~....Just....too epic....I even PRINTED it out!!I loved it So much!
 ~MADE oleh GUARDIANKEY'S~SO......ADORABLE!! :3 Girl is Lilia and the boy is Blizzard(GuardianKey's FC)
~MADE BY GUARDIANKEY'S~SO......ADORABLE!! :3 Girl is Lilia and the boy is Blizzard(GuardianKey's FC)
 Just for fun! XD
Just for fun! XD
 Evolia Headshot
Evolia Headshot
((The following is a new Bio for Evolia, my 'sona, I'm working on. I feel like I repeat information here, and I also feel I used the comma too much.
If you're up to being a critique: DO NOT HOLD BACK. I need some order to my chaos here. Evolia's personality is going to be rewired (and diposting here too) and her desain as well. I'm trying to be lebih realistic now and make her original as possible. At least to my standards.))

Evolia only remembers from early childhood to start of her pre-teen years through an outsider's perspective. As if her, atau someone else's, life between those two points have...
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If some things I say sound angry, it's because I just need to vent a few things. So yeah it's just a venting thing, so I'm sorry if I made some of ya mad :( things have just...gotten to me lately. Sorry....

1: RPing

Now I like to RP as much as the selanjutnya person, but when anda RP, don't just do things like: *he walks away and doesn't say a word and then punches you*. If u keep doing that and your character doesnt talk at all, it's BORING as hell. It's really stupid and drives me freaking nuts >:( now on the other hand, if Ur character is mute, then ok. I understand that.

2: The ".........." thing...
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posted by CrescentHedgie
Name: Crescent

Nickname(s): N/A

Age: 17

Eye color: Brown

Height: 5'0

Hair color: Blonde

Alignment: Good

Powers: N/A

Martial Status: Single

Likes: Reading, video games, music, traveling

Dislikes: Evil, being alone

Personality: Often very shy, once she gets to know someone, she's very open.

Love interest: Secret

Parents: Father: Jordan T.H. (deceased)

Mother: Isabelle T.H.

Occupation: Works a part-time (now full-time) job as a nurse

Backstory: Because of the murder of her dad, her mother could no longer afford to take care of her. She was promptly moved to an orphanage two weeks later. After a bulan of staying...
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This… is going to be a short one. That’s because the series hasn’t even been introduced, only planned and somewhat worked on. Luna_acres (I don’t think I spelled that right so I’ll just call her Luna) asked about… THREE years yang lalu if anyone wanted to be in her comic. I got some characters in it, and soon after suggested to help with the menulis since she was doing the drawing and organizing.

Basically the plot starts right before The Conflicts Arcane ends. A lone Mobian watches while her planet is destroyed oleh a strange silver storm of energy. It disappears and she’s left alone,...
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Dumbfounded, the rubah betina struggled with words, swallowing the panic. She took in the scene with wide eyes, especially on the hole. A closer observation was in mind, but the acid overruled the option. She knew what happened. "Craiger," Grace was able to muster, "Rynk's gone." Despite wanting to yell it out in distress, her voice was kept quiet in shock.

Craiger noticed this immediately, and quickly rushed over to the hole, looking over the area. “We’ve been gone for… three menit maybe.” He noted. “She couldn’t have gotten that fa-!” Slowly a hand leaning on the dinding curled into...
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posted by Mapware3640
Now I recently introduced my own character set known as "Exie",what is exie to be exact?Well allow me to answer those.

Q:Are they related to mobians?
A:Nope,they are there own independent race

Q:What do they look like?
A:Well I'm working on concept art,but they are being made of energy,The usually wear long robes(Female exie) atau heavy armor(male exie) and they all wear masks.

Q:What is exie energy?
A:A Rare energy that can not be found anywhere on mobuis...Take the "hyper-go-on" energy from sonic warna for example,its a similar concept,if a non-exie being touches the energy,they become corrupted....
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