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what do people think to my sad sonamy song?

i was here for you
anda was here for me
so let us scream
for are life
to never depart
for I cinta you
and anda cinta me
so let us scream
to never depart
our life was
once a joke
before we met
i thought i could
not beleve what i saw
when we looked into
are jantung and we saw
that we knew we were
ment for each other
so let us scream
to never depart
so let us...
so let us...
Scream to never depart
we were best buddies
until we were in that box
that..sad,sad box
he was their first
then it was me..
then in the heaven we knew and..
we screamed for our life
that we had never depart
so then we had kept
the promise..that was cinta
 silverxkira posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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