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posted by phippi2
This story may include:

New Characters:
Hazel-daughter of Mercury
Gwen-daughter of Victoria
Caleb-daughter of Ceres
Bobby-son of Apollo
Reyna-daughter of Pluto
Zachary-son of Mars
Saul-son of Venus
Tyson(Percy)-son of Posiedon

All of the other characters from PJO and THOO

While Camp half-blood rushes to finish the Argo II, Tyson(Percy) fights to gain respect, and to stay alive in the Roman camp.

*disclaimer-I do not own any of the characters atau content from PJO atau THOO. RR is the original author.

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posted by HecateA
 Rosi Golan
Rosi Golan
Title: Hazy
Rating: C
Disclaimer: Rick Riordan owns all the characters and the event that bases this fanfiction. Rosi Golan sings this song, not me.
A/N: So, I heard this song because link on Devianart drew a link about it. Thank anda Burdge! She listens to awesome music, and it really made me think of Percy and Annabeth. (Ps- the letters aren't blue for no reason- click on it, go look at her gallery, she's epic!)

Credit for the stuff: Burdge-bug for anything drawn
Picture of Rosi Golan- link
Lyrics-link ]

 oleh Burdge-Bug
By Burdge-Bug

I watched anda sleeping quietly in my bed
Reciprocal hostages. The Greeks...
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posted by mikkeymouse113
My life has never been normal.
I've always been on the move. Never being able to stay in one place for long.
Strange things would happen at school, practices, and my sports games.
I'm Maddie Ray. And I'm a demigod.
Now I didn't know this at the time. But being half-god changed my life forever.
Lost many people many people in my life and soon I will come to understand that I have many people who can help me and need me.
My life changed that hari before my 14th birthday, June 13th, a hari that I wish had never come.
I was with one of my best friends, Tyler. He was such a enthusiastic person,...
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