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First off, if anda don't like sad things then don't read this. Ok if anda are still membaca this then anda might cry. I'm warning you. I did. Ok here it goes. I was looking at things in the official website for the book and movie of The Outsiders,, and I decided to go on the FAQ's. So I went to the pertanyaan yang paling sering diajukan about the book and each of the questions. There were only three. When I got to the last question, I couldn't believe it. Here is exactly what it said: In a special feature on the DVD The Outsiders: The Complete Novel, Rob Lowe reveals that S. E. Hinton told him that...
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You've been dating Sodapop exactly a tahun now. Today was your one tahun anniversary. Soda berkata he had a surprise for you, and told anda to meet him at the DX at 7:30. As anda walked there anda saw 3 greaser girls flirting with Soda and Steve, "Hey lookie there, Soda, it's Liana." Steve yelled as waved anda to come over to them. anda felt tears starting to form in your eyes and then Soda ran toward anda and picked anda up and spun anda around. "Liana, I'm sorry, nothing happened, I promise." "Don't worry I believe you, it's just I want anda to he mine and I don't like sharing." anda berkata with a grin. "Hey...
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"I can't do it!" anda call out to your boyfriend Soda from across the field. "Come on babe, anda know anda can!" He says, walking over to you. "No I can't!" anda say in a huff. He was trying to teach anda to play football, and all the guys were there. As anda tried to throw the ball properly, their constant laughter was just making anda worse. Soda picks the football up off the ground as he makes his way towards you. "Come on Kaylee," he says. "You know anda can do this." anda just stand there and shake your head. "Come on Kaylee!" pony calls out from the other side of the field. anda feel a lot of pressure,...
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anda spray your neck with one last pompa of perfume just as anda hear the doorbell ring. It was your boyfriend, Soda, ready to pick anda up for your date. “Come in!” anda shout from your room. “Hey babe!” anda hear Sodapop say from the kitchen. anda fix your hair one last time in the mirror before stepping out into the living room. “Hey! Ready to go?” anda ask. “W-whoa” He says as he stares at anda in awe. anda giggle. “You look so beautiful (Y/N).” “Thank you, handsome.” anda say as anda take his hand. anda guys get into Sodas car and he begins to drive. “So, where are we going?”...
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Soda’s Point of View

“My mother once told me when I go to heaven, I’ll hear all the malaikat bernyanyi Amazing Grace to welcome me home…”
Bullets were whizzing by. The api from machine guns was still going on. I knew I needed to get back to my unit. It was just the pertanyaan of how.

I had gotten out of the war zone and was making my way through the dense jungle, clearing my head and trying to get a good feel for where I was and how I could get back to my unit.

I heard a crunch behind me. I whirled around, gun aimed at the person. I smile and relax. It was only Rick. My buddy from...
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I stopped in the doorway, shocked. I heard her crying before I saw her. I was going to meet her for the first time. Faith Curtis. My baby girl.

I’m still in my uniform, so I should act like soldier; but it takes all that I have not to sprint over to (Y/N) and the baby.

She had left the other kids home, to surprise them for when I came home. And to give me some time to meet Faith.

I give (Y/N) a long, kiss. I pull away.

“Can I hold her?” I whisper.

(Y/N) nods, tears in her eyes.

She hands me the baby, gently. I take her in my hands, carefully. She was so small; smaller than Grace and Logan...
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The yells from the lot were louder than ever.

anda knew your boyfriend was there, and all his friends.

anda hated it when they fought.

Those stupid fights.

anda went over to lot, to make sure things weren’t getting out of hand. If they were, you’d definately call the police.

It would risk them getting arrested, but anda didn’t want any of them hurt; atau dead.

anda saw bodies going at each other, caked in mud and blood.

anda start to walk towards the fight (like an idiot) and are met with a meninju, pukulan to the face.

anda fall into the mud, shocked oleh the blow.

“Hey! That’s my girlfriend!” Soda yells as he pushes the Soc over, and starts beating him repeatedly.

anda feel a hand on your shoulder as anda get up. anda grab the hand and flip him over.

“Hey,” anda thought. “This is fun.”

anda understood why they liked these so much.
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“Soda, ok, anda can come in now.” Ponyboy grinned. I was standing selanjutnya to him, and he was selanjutnya to Mickey Mouse.

With the money that I would have gone to college with, and with what Ponyboy had saved, we had bought Soda his horse.

Soda came in, in his plaid kemeja and jeans. His jaw dropped. Then he smile brighter than the sun.

He walked over to horse.

“Hey buddy,” he says, smiling, petting his nose.

“It took forever to get him to listen,” Ponyboy said.

“Yeah, I got myself and ornery pony.” Soda grins.

“You happy?” anda ask Soda.

He just looks at you, smiles and nods his head.
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The cars zoomed by.

“This makes me so nervous.” anda say.

“Why?” Soda asks, smiling.

“What if the cars blow up, and we die? atau what if they crash? Or-“

“Hey it’s going to be fine,” He interrupts you. “Have some popcorn.”

“But what if I’m eating jagung meletus, popcorn and the cars blow up and we die?”

“Then I’ll blow up and die eating jagung meletus, popcorn with the girl I love.”

And he kisses anda on the lips.

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Soda’s Perspective

“Daddy, do I look ok?” Grace asks. I put down my newspaper to look at my 15 tahun old daughter. Wow.

“You look beautiful, sweetheart.” It pained me to see her going on her first date. But I was smiling.

“I’ll be good, Daddy, I promise.”

I grin. Exactly what her mother berkata to her dad on our first date.

“I know.” I manage to say. “You’re a good kid.”

“Not like Faith,” Grace grins. Oh my Faith. Nine years old and already had a “boyfriend”. She was completely hilarious.

“Not like Faith.” I smile.

I get up off the dipan, sofa to give her a hug.

“I cinta anda Daddy.”

“Love anda too, sweetheart.”

“You’re still going to be the first boy I fell in cinta with.”
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Soda’s Perspective

“Daddy is this flour atau sugar!”

“Daddy these are burnt!”

Faith was in her high chair, making a giant mess with the Cheerios, Logan was just eating the waffles, and Grace was attempting to mix the waffle batter.

This was not working.

I was trying to make (Y/N) breakfast in tempat tidur for Mother’s hari with the kids, but we were failing miserably.

(Y/N) walks into the dapur in her pajamas. As soon as she saw the mess we made, her eyes got wide.

I walk over to her. Grab her oleh the waist and give her a quick kiss. “Ok go put clothes on, we’re going out for breakfast.” She smiles. “Happy Mother’s Day, babe.”
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“So, you’re Soda’s girl?” From who anda understand to be one of Tim Shepard’s gang members.

You nod, a little uncomfortable at how close he was to you.

“Where is the pretty boy now?” He asks.

“The bathroom.” anda say shortly.

“Oh.” He says, pulling out a weed, lighting it. “So what’s he doin with a soc like you?”

“Well, I’m assuming he likes me.” anda say.

“I can see why…” He leans in a little more. “Can I get anda a drink?”

“No, I’m fine.” anda say, a bit annoyed.

“You sure?” Taking a drag on his cigarette.

“Positive.” anda fake smile.

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“It sure is a pretty color,” he says, tugging your braid as he walks behind you.

“Yeah, it’s real pretty.” anda smile, continuing to paint the dinding the light berwarna merah muda, merah muda anda had picked out for the baby’s room.

He steps back from the wall, inspecting the progress. anda smiled at your husband, in his jeans, no shirt, and DX hat.

“This color would look pretty on you,” he grins.

You step back, taking a look at the wall. He comes behind you, arms wrapping around anda and your pregnant belly.

“You really think this color would look good on me?”

“Well, let’s see,” he smirks.

The next...
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