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How to detect a Gryffindor=

1.They cinta Narnia just because of the Aslan.
2.They inhale subconsciously whenever they hear the name “Severus Snape”
3.They plan on leaving a beard as a rememberance of Dumbledore
4. They just never shut their mouths up about being brave ,good ,daring ,blah and then blah and blah.
5.They have a asam face when they hear the word “Mudblood”
6.They brag about Godric Gryffindor’s Sword being beter than lightstabbers.
7. They’re considering to send the Fat Lady to The Biggest Loser reality show.
8. anda can warm their hearts with a anak anjing, anjing look, easy to fool.
9. They...
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So I have been trying to find good Harry Potter Role Plays here on Fanpop, and had little success. So in response I created some of my own. So for my Slytherins out there, I want anda to represent and to Join, and tampil those Gryffindors that good wizards can come from Slytherin too! the link will be below

link takes place at Hogwarts ten years after the Battle at Hogwarts

link Takes place at a New School in America

gabung and add yourself to these with your Original Characters, and have a good time!
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Hi slytherin,

My username is StrikeQuill30134...if anda havn't added me please add me. I have created this forum so that we can talk openly as ShadowPatronus17430 suggested.

anda all will have to make an account on this username here is hotfudgebrownie and please add me here as well, and please post your usernames of pottermore as well as fanpop.

Gryffindor is catching up on house points and we have to make sure to keep our level maintaned! Daily news of slytherin will be diposting here oleh me and other players can contribute. Keep dueling and brewing potions. komentar on our common room as well and please spread the word to all slytherins about this forum.
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