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So we all know that right now Tanith has the small problem of having a Remnant fused to her soul right now. Multiple times in the book it has been berkata there is no hope, but is that necessarily true? Actually, it would be quite easy to bring her back!

So here it is! How To Bring Tanith Back In Easy Steps!

1) Capture the Remnith and contain her.

Admittedly this will be quite difficult, but if Skul cant do it, nobody can!

2) Drag the Remnith out to meet our good old friend, the Banshee!

Do anda know what it is yet?

3) Force the Remnith into the headless horseman's carriage once it has been summoned...
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18 months ago-
Blake Knight sat at the huge meja tulis, meja with the hologram of Roarhaven in the ops room with Skulduggery and China sat on the other side. Blake was too busy looking at the little people on the hologram to notice them though
China: Mr Knight
Blake: yeah? What? Sorry?
Skulduggery: have anda been listening to a word we've said?
Blake: ummmm. No. Not really. Why? Is it important?
China: we'd like to take anda off the Junior Operative Program
Blake: what?! What the hell for. I haven't done anything wrong. Well not for a while at least
China: anda didn't let me finish
Blake: oh sorry. Carry on
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