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A Girl Named Lacey Chapter Nine N2P
We are moving across the country again! Lacey groaned.
Yep, this is our life, anda should get use to it. Rose said.
I don't care if it's our life, why can't we stay here? Lacey asked.
You know why, don't play stupid. Rose said.
Can I just have the new adress so I can go? She asked.
Yes honey, are anda taking your car atau motorcycle? Esme said.
The motorcycle. Lacey replied.
Esme wrote down directions so Lacey could get to the new house in Forks.
Lacey zipped her jaket up and out the directions in her backpack.
Call us when anda get there. I said.
I watched her put on her...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Hometown Chapter Sixtypublished
Tex and I left for school. I could hear everything so clear. It was unreal. Tex's diesel truck was load; it scared me when he cranked it up. I was not expecting it to be so loud.
"It's so loud," I stated as he drove off.
"It's louder than a normal truck. I put an exhaust system on it," he berkata prideful.
"Oh okay," I said.
I sounded weird to myself. I guess I was really hearing myself for the first time in a long time.
"What is it like," he asked suddenly.
"Honestly, it' scary. Everything I hear is kind of loud. But then again, it is amazing. Everything sounds so clear,"...
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Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapter Thirty Three
Clay's POV
The chores this morning were not too fun. I was exhausted and the hari was just now starting. Everyone was soaked to the bone and it was chilly for a summer morning. Maybe winter won't be so bad. But, anda can never tell with this Alabama weather. One hari it can be hot as blazes and the selanjutnya will feel like the middle of fall.
I saw Harmony in the lumbung, gudang and she was working happily oleh herself. I guess she was enjoying being able to work again.
"Clay, you're soaked," Harmony berkata as she spotted me outside.
All the sudden I seen a big bolt of...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Flight 29 Down Chapter 1
Jesse all my clothes are dirty. What am I suppose to do? I asked while trying to find something clean.
Here, anda can borrow some shorts and a t-shirt of mine. Jackson said.
It's okay, I don't have to go since I don't have any clothes. I said.
Put them on. Jackson berkata really mad.
What about a bra? I asked.
Do I look like I would own one? Jackson asked sarcasticly.
He threw the clothes at me and I went to go change.
I look like a boy. I berkata as I came out of the bathroom.
Nah, your girly in every way and besides anda a boobs. Jackson berkata laughing.
Grow up. Do anda really laugh...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Hometown Chapter FiveN2P
Tex's POV
It was lunch time and I was starving. I didn't wake up in time to eat breakfast. I was on my way to get lunch when I saw Talli walking to her bike.
"Hey Talli," I said, "where are anda heading to?"
"Oh hey," she berkata nervously, "umm nowhere in particular."
I could tell she was a really shy person.
I stifled a laugh. She was obviously up to something.
"Are anda going to be back before practice," I asked prying.
"Umm, I think so. I should be," Talli berkata as she was looking everywhere but at me.
"Then can I tag along," I asked.
"You probably don't want to come," she said...
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Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapter Thirty Two
Clay's POV
After me and Harmony came in from the front porch, I say down on the couch. I wasn't too tired so I figured I would stay up a little bit with mom.
"Oh Harmony, before anda go to tempat tidur I need to ask anda something," mom said.
"Yes em,'" she berkata as she sat on the arm of the couch.
"Sam's parents are going to be going out of town this weekend. It's their anniversary. Johnny surprised Martha with a surprised trip to somewhere. I forgot where she told me, "anyways, Martha didn't want Sam to be staying alone at their house since she's an only child....
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Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapter Chapter Thirty One
I had gotten all cleaned up for dinner. I had put on some of Finn's clothes, I think. I wore some shorts and one of my brothers' shirts. I didn't know who it belonged to. It berkata Navy. I had no idea why they owned this but it was comfy. But everyone else mencium like they had been working outside. I don't know why I needed to get clean up for lunch.
"How's the wrist," Clay asked as we sat down.
"Sore," I stated.
"Boys, I will need y'all to clean up lunch. Harmony has a doctors appointment this afternoon," Abigail said.
The boys and me groaned...
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Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapter Thirty
I followed Tucker, Clay, and Isaiah to their seats. They were sitting close to the chutes but not too close. I took off my knee brace and attempted to put spurs on my combat boots. However, that did not work. I finally gave up after five menit of trying to put them on. I put my chaps on and looked at the chutes. Isaiah was already heading that way, so I figured I should too.
"I am heading to the chutes," I berkata as I finished buckling my chaps.
"Alright, good luck sis," Clay said.
"We are praying for a aman, brankas ride," Tucker said.
"Uh thanks," I berkata as...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Hometown Chapter One
Hi everyone!! I ended one story and had an idea for a new one! Please komentar and like to let me know what anda think about it!!

I was excited to be back. We were arriving in my mom's hometown. Dad berkata we lived here until I was five. We then moved once she had died. It has been my dad and I ever since. I was actually kind of nervous about all of this. A new school, new people, and having to make new friend. I was use to moving around and I was use to new people too. But new friends. That was a completely different story. I had never made friends. Dad and I moved around to...
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Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapter Twenty Eight
Harmony's POV
I did not believe a single word Wes said. atau did I? Could I trust him? He could be lying to me but how would he know my name? Maybe it was a cruel joke; who knows?!
I rode Midnight Moon to the back of the house and got off. I walked in the house and quietly walked to my bedroom. I locked the door and jumped in the shower. So much had gone on tonight. Everything was getting out of hand. Clay's rules were stupid. I knew Clay and Tucker had told Isaiah to come talk to me. Why on earth would a complete stranger come talk to me? He gave...
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I had enough of sitting around the hari before. Although, I did get out of going to church last night. So, I got up the selanjutnya morning and helped Abigail with breakfast. I quickly ditched the crutches to the lack of mobility. It was hard getting around the dapur and the meja but I managed.
"I see anda are feeling better than yesterday," Abigail berkata to make some kind of conversation.
"I was tired of lying around," I stated as I sat the table.
After that it was silent till we are sat down for breakfast.
The boys were still talking about the party and how much fun it was.
"Mom, Sam is going to enter...
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Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapter Twenty Clay's POV
I could not believe that Harmony got back onto the same banteng that had scrubbed her into the ground. She has courage; I mean some boys would not get back on right after they got bucked off. I had a feeling she was born for this life. Harmony was great at everything she did here; she even did her chores good for someone who has never done anything like this before.

The boys and I sat at the meja as Harmony and mom put breakfast on the table. I was starving and it mencium so good.
"Here Clay, y'all can start pouring your drinks," Harmony said....
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I sat there on a small bull; bracing myself for what was fixing to happen. I pushed my hat down on my head, so it would stay on.
I thought through every little detail I saw on tv. How his legs were positioned, were his arms and legs were at when the banteng jumped, atau twirled around.
"Just hang on," Bryce's friend, Timothy said.
I looked over at Abigail and the boys standing oleh the edge of the fence. They all had out there phones; I guess they were taking pictures atau videoing what would happen.
"I'm ready," I berkata as I took a deep breath.
I was not scared at all, I was just preparing myself in case...
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Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapter Eighteen
Abigail came and woke me up for church. I was still really tired and wanted to go back to bed. But, I slipped on my dress, then fixed my hair and my makeup. I sat down on the dipan, sofa where Finn was sleeping. It jolted him awake.
"Oops, sorry," I said.
"It's alright, I didn't mean to doze off," he said, "so, thank you!"
"You're welcome," I said.
"Here anda go Harmony. These are boots that should fit you," Abigail said.
"Mom, anda have not bought her, her own pair of boots," Finn asked surprised, "walking in someone else boots aren't comfortable!"
"These are...
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Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapter Seventeen
Thankfully church was over so, I had the time to draw and escape to my world.
"See anda at Nana's boys," Abigail said, "and Harmony!"
"What," I asked confused.
"We are goin' to my momma's house for lunch," she said.
"I thought we were going to get shoes," I stated.
"No, I forgot that the stores are close today because it is Sunday. I remember that I bought anda some boots. So, anda can wear those till we go into town," she said.
"Fine," I growled.
"Harmony, do not get an attitude with me young lady," Abigail berkata I gave her a smirk, "and don't give me that...
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Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapter Sixteen
"Harmony, it's time to get ready for church," Abigail berkata sweetly.
"I'm too tired and sore to move," I groaned.
"Harmony, anda have to go to church," she said, "now get up! Breakfast will be done when anda get out of the shower!"
I swung my legs over to the side of the tempat tidur and sat up.
"Oh my word; what did anda do to your leg," she asked worried.
"Baseball," I berkata half awake.
"Oh okay. There is some medicine in the cabinet in your bathroom," she said.
"Okay," I mumbled.
I got in the mandi, shower and my leg was starting to sting really bad. It was a rude awakening....
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Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapter Fifteen
After the sunset Tucker and I went back to the bonfire. The api was so wide and tall. It was really pretty.
"You like to play with api don'tcha," Tucker asked.
"Umm, I have not ever seen api in person until the first bonfire," I berkata shyly.
"Really? Are anda sure," he asked skeptical.
"Pretty sure," I stated.
"That is just strange! I am sorry but it is," he berkata smiling.
"I know," I said, "there is nothing normal about this life of mine!"
"Who cares," he said, "are anda hungry?"
"I could eat," I said.
"You like hotdogs," Tucker asked.
"Yep," I said.
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Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapter Fourteen
Tucker had been gone for fifteen minutes. His mom had walked through the door and I was just sitting on the dipan, sofa oleh myself. It was awkward.
"Tucker," his mom called out to him.
He came running down the stairs and into the living room without his kemeja on. Which I found rather odd.
"Hey mom, anda know Harmony, right," he asked, "Bryce and Abigail's new kid!"
"Oh yeah, it is nice to meet you, Harmony," the lady said, "I am Tucker's mom!"
"It is nice to meet anda Mrs. Adkins," I berkata a little shy.
"Oh sweetie, call me Mary," she smile brightly.
"Okay," I said...
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Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapter Thirteen
It was Saturday night and there was another bonfire. Abigail told me to go. I really did not want to; I mean after everything those girls berkata last night. I never told Abigail what happened so, I guess that meant I really had to go.
"Hey Harmony, are anda going to the bonfire tonight," Tucker asked as I did some last menit chores.
I looked around before answering him. "I am only going because Abigail is wanting me to go," I stated.
"Oh right, those girls," he mumbled, "what are anda going to do when anda get there? anda are not going to have any fun when...
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Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapter Ten
Tucker's POV
"Harmony, please come back," I berkata into the darkness, "don't listen to em'."
I was so mad at Isabelle for saying that. Now poor Harmony is lost in woods.
"Harmony," I asked, "please don't be lost!"
"I'm not lost," a thick southern accent said.
"Harmony," I asked skeptical.
"Yeah," someone sniffed.
"Where are you," I asked confused, "I cannot see you!"
"I'm behind you," she said.
"Oh," I laughed, "are anda okay?"
"Yeah; I just wish I was home,"Harmony berkata as she looked down.
"Oh, I can take anda to the house if ya want," I stated.
"No not that home,"...
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