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 The Shadow of Chaos Part 1
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Source: MedowSweet on Deviant Art
WARNING! Some pages of this comic will make anda cry!
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okay, only a few menit yang lalu i was doing a acak google cari for gambar of shadow on sonic X (just to note this, i am not at all a fan of this show, i prefer the american sonic cartoons, and kids animes that haven't been americanized) and i found a picture, of a close up of shadow, and i just noticed a little something in the background

see for your self >:P

don't go off telling me how "great" sonic X, and calling a terd, bitch, n00b, and so fourth, because i will just ignore anda and not give two shits

just thought i'd note that to the fangirls of this series, as well as shadow
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