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posted by 11Anime_Fool
Severus counted the days with tick marks on his head-board; forty-eight jantung warming days with his Lily. 1,152 of the most incredible moments of his lifetime. They were big numbers when drawn out...but they felt like only a few detik to Snape. If he had his way he would spend every waking moment with Lily Evans. He ripped his gaze off the puncak, atas of his bed, his hair was a mess, and his green slytherin pajamas irritated his skin from being thrashed around in. Snape had been dreaming, a very risque dream in his opinion, what most people would discribe as inappropriate...But perfectly okay to...
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Chapter 5

Fred Weasley was buried in the afternoon. Harry and Hermione went with the Weasleys as they were considered part of the family. On the hari after, Ron, Hermione and Harry, and the remaining members of the Order of the Phoenix, came back to Hogwarts to bury one of their fellows, Professor Severus Snape. A few students were there too, as well as the faculty and staff. The three Malfoys were there too, to Harry’s surprise.

A few yards from Dumbledore’s tomb, a hole had been dig to receive Severus Snape’s body. Hermione had decided to remain with Eileen Snape, who welcomed her gladly,...
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posted by Spottedpool
The man walked to the school. His black robes billowed behind him. Glancing at the lake, he notices the dark ginger hair against the moon-glistened water. Curious, he walks over to the shape.
When he gets close enough, he sees it is a woman. She doesn't turn around but says, "Hello, Severus." Severus, suprised, stares at her. When he finally regains his composure, he asks,"How did anda know it was me, Lily?"
Lily laughs and points to the water. There, the shimmering reflections of her and Severus stare back at them. Finally, she turns to face him.
Severus is taken aback oleh her appearence. He...
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Note:In the HPvsT spot, a lot of us went around and shared our "anti-Twilight" stories. I found mine to be a very cathartic and relaxing write. It got me thinking: how would I feel if I shared a "my story" thing about something I'm even more passionate about? So, I thought I'd share my "Journey into the Severus Snape fandom" story :) And, to be honest, I feel even better than I did when I wrote my slightly humorous anti story.

So, the Harry Potter series is winding down to an official close. There...
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Chapter 1

Harry, Ron and Hermione had come back to the boys’ dorms. Harry had laid himself on his tempat tidur while Ron was holding Hermione tight on his own bed. The curtains of their beds were open so they could see each other. But they remain silent. Harry had called Kreacher for something to eat for them all.

They ate in silence. All the memories came back to Harry – including those of Snape. Suddenly, he rose from his bed. “Snape !” he berkata loud.

“What ?” Ron asked. “What about him ? He’s dead…”

“Yes, he’s dead and he’s still in the Shrieking Shack !” He watched Ron and...
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posted by DaisyHalliwell

Heart over Mind oleh Regann
Link: link
Summary: Something odd about Hermione causes her to have unexpected reaction to a cinta potion. Only it's one which no one expected. How could a lack of reaction cause so much trouble?
Length 27 chapters - COMPLETED

His True zamrud, emerald Loyalties oleh Avanel
Link: link
Summary: What if it was not cinta for Harry's mother that kept Snape loyal to Dumbledore? What if it was cinta for Harry's time-traveling best friend?
Length: 8 chapters -COMPLETED

The First Faint Glimmer oleh Ladymage Samiko
Link: link
Summary: A little light membaca and a chance komentar lead...
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posted by lilysev1134e
Chapter 1: Severus Snape

Our story begins in a small town called Spinners End. It was late Spring and no-one was around except for three children. They were in a nearby park when something happened. Two of the three children were in the park enjoying themselves. Their names were warna ungu tua, petunia and Lily Evans. Their hair was brightly coloured. The third child was hiding behind some bushes. He had shoulder length hair which looked greasy. His name was Severus Snape.
Severus watched them for ages especially Lily. Severus suddenly found her pretty. Her hair was red the colour of blood. That intrigued...
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posted by fayerox16
OMFG!!! for those of anda who have read the 7th Harry Potter book, how many of anda cried when Voldemort killed Snape? i did.
Snape:A caring young man,and a potions master at Hogwarts, died a horrible death the night Voldemort attcked Hogwarts. We will all remember Snape as brave, sarcastic, and handsome. But the deatheaters will remember him as a traitor. let's go back into the past and visit his younger days.
Snape was a boy fulll of dreams and hopes. unfortunatley, James Potter lived to destroy those hopes and dreams. Snape always loved Lily Potter, and tried to impress her multiple different...
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Successful entrepreneurs like Mr AG Ganguly tend to be naturally competitive. Their ability to think outside of the box, let’s see through many of the easy jawaban which could benefit the industry. The fresh take of entrepreneurs also is a thriving reason for the growth of the economy....
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posted by fanofh2o
"So what do anda want to do today?" asked Snape to Lily. They were walking down an empty corridor on a sunny Sunday afternoon. "I don't know whatever anda want" replied Lily. I wish we could, thought Snape, for he wanted to ciuman her so badly. ciuman anda thought Lily at the same time. They walked for a menit the only sound was their footsteps. Then James, Sirius, and Lupin turned the corner. "Oh great" muttered Snape. "Look guys, it's Snivellus and Lily. Why is a beauty like anda friends with a beast like him" James almost yelled. "Because he's not a jerk like you," Lily berkata calmly back to him....
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posted by lilyZ
Y've never loved someone but you!
I want to say these words,
Yet knowing, anda won't hear me...

Far and high anda live your life,
I'll never be there,
My place is not with you.
I'm sure; anda loved, she was in cinta with you,
She was the one I cannot be to you.

Forever anda will be my dream.
I know this hurts me, but anda see...
I cannot change my destiny,
And even if I'll try,
I'll never reach the sky I don't belong to.

You, maybe you'll meet me,
Just one lebih stranger in your life
Who passes oleh on a cold night.

anda cannot cinta someone like me, I understand...
Without your love, my empty jantung
Is always haunted oleh your shadow!

Alone and sad, anda seem sometimes to be,
But, no, inspite of time and luar angkasa between,
I'll always be the one that's near
Your broken heart's - my destiny.
Important Information: Sirius did not die, Mr. Wealsey did when he was bitten oleh Nagini. There will be a romance between Sev and an OC and I will, as of right now, change almost all canon pairings. Set in Harry's sixth year.

Chapter One – Prologue
A man sat in a high-backed chair, his still form illuminated eerily oleh the dying firelight. His pale, skull-like face was turned away from the woman across from him (the only other person in the room), as though he found her too disgusting to look at....
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Chapter Six

The great hall was noisy as Severus sat down for breakfast, alone, on the far end of the Slytherin table. He was getting used to this routine: get up early – earlier than his house-mates – mandi, shower and dress quietly, and sit on his tempat tidur with the curtains closed around him, wand clutched in his hand. He’d listen as everyone else rose and got ready. Occasionally, someone from Avery’s group (a minority group, now that Slytherin was in the bottom of the running for the House Cup due to their behavior) would taunt him from the other side of the zamrud, emerald drapes, but rarely did anything...
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Chapter Nine

It had taken Severus seventeen apologies and eight promises of letting the budding relationship between Lily and Potter alone before Lily forgave him. It had taken two apologies and twenty-two promises of “I’ll keep everything between us away from you” before Severus forgave her. He was not happy with the new-found romance, nor would he ever be. But Lily was happy – Merlin only knew why – and Severus didn’t have it in him to keep fighting with her. Even if she had chosen Potter.

However, that hadn't stopped Potter from antagonizing Severus. And, while Severus wasn't going...
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Chapter 3

Hermione wanted to be left alone. She needed time to digest all the events of the last days. So she remained with the only person that would never speak to her anymore. Professor Severus Snape. She would not miss his scathing remarks, but she would surely miss his deep, silky voice.

He was peaceful now and she truly wished he had found peace at least. She was caressing his face gently, marveled oleh the softness of his raven hair, when she heard someone entering the room. She turned her head and saw a woman that looked familiar to her, coming to her.

Hermione gasped. She recognized the...
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posted by monsy38
“Take it…take it…”
    Snape struggled to give Harry the memories that explained what had happened, why he had had to do what he did. He held on as tightly as he could, trying to filter into Harry just how important it was for him to see them. Snape felt himself drifting. He knew that he was about to die, after all these years he would finally get his wish. For him, life had been fueled oleh the dream of Lily loving him as much as he did her. She had been his one true friend, and though she didn’t know it, his whole world. Severus knew that he wasn’t easily liked...
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In a "question" I posted, I challenged my fellow fan to tell us all here, why they cinta Severus Snape, and the Harry Potter series in general, and how they have stayed loyal thus far.
This is my response.

The tahun before I started membaca the Harry Potter series, I was 9 years old, I was diagnosed with a form of terminal cancer. I spent much of that tahun in the hospital, atau in my halaman awal under hospice care, and though I was only 9 years old, I came to terms with a lot of hard truths, that most people didn't really understand until they were much older.
I was going to die, and I had no idea when,...
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Chapter One
June 1976
The corridor was dark and breezy as fifteen tahun old Severus Snape hurried down it, determined in his plan. Unnoticed oleh him, portraits eyed him keenly as he passed, wondering just what the pallid Slytherin youth was doing jogging down the hallway towards the Gryffindor common room alone so late at night. Although they were all too familiar with the tension and fighting between the two houses, never before had they seen a single Slytherin atau Gryffindor rushing off to confront a large group of the other house. It almost seemed suicidal.

The portrait of the Fat Lady loomed...
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posted by lilysev1134e
Chapter 2 : Boarding the train on platform 9/34

Severus didn’t see anyone he knew there. Once on the train, he walked past a compartment. He quickly recognised Lily. But she was not alone four boys there too. Their names were James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettegrew.
“Lily come on. Let’s go somewhere else.”. James eyed Severus. They stared for long detik without breaking eye contact. Something about it looked bad and it was indeed.
When they arrived a Hogwarts, he first years were sorted into their house. The houses were Grffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin....
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posted by xoDRAMIONEox
A boy lost to the darkness, who turned away from the light.
The sallow skinned youth stood in the shadows to fight.
He lost his cinta to the darkness he was in
He's biggest regret, his greatest sin.
...It was then he made the switch, he was a changed man
Working against the wicked one and his evil plan
He made a promise to protect the child with her eyes
No one was to know, he would live in disguise.
A double agent, a secret spy, undercover
All because he had loved her
The darkness fell, the good had won
yet it wasn't over, it had just begun
His path was set he had settled had found his way
It was peaceful...
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