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posted by bendaimmortal
atau tried to kill. This is only about the original Scream because I don't care enough for the sequels.

Steve Orth & Casey Becker:
Both killed oleh Stu.

- Stu had lebih personal motive to kill those two. (Casey dumped him for Steve.) The only motive Billy may have had is to throw Sidney mentally off, but for that anyone could do and he could easily let Stu do the dirty part. I'm quite sure it was Stu's idea to pick Casey and Steve as the victims. Aldo, see the look in Casey's eyes when she removes the Ghostface mask to see who's butchering her. It is a look of regocnizing the person and regret/shock....
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posted by RakeTheClaws
Before I start, this is oleh no means an invitation to cari for the exact website I'm referencing to and be mean to commentators. I just thought people would find this funny. Thank you!

On another website I diposting a kuis called "Which Slasher Killer is Your Lover?" because I apparently want to connect romance to people who murder other people, someone pass the bleach, and one of the results was Ghostface, which seems reasonable since he's a pretty well known face in the slasher franchise. After posting it I received extremely frequent komentar and messages telling me that Ghostface wasn't the...
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Before I start, I should problebly go ahead and mention that I am very disapointed that this isn't just a sequel, it's a remake of the first one. I joked about what if we went in and saw it and it was a remake, but I didn't think I would jinx it.

We start off with the openings to "Stab 6" and "7" which makes fun of Scream. Am I watching Scream 4 atau Scary Movie? It, even in the opening, was a lot bloodier than the trilogy. Than, we pindah on for are first "real" kill. It was realky similer to the death of the girl who went to get beers in the first one. Later on, we find out that Gale and the Dewey,...
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posted by bendaimmortal
This is an elaborated artikel based on my komentar and posts on couple of fan picks and forum topics here.

"But this is life. This isn't a movie."
"Yes it is, Sid. It's all one great, big movie. anda just can't pick your genre."

Billy may not have an outstanding personality as a killer but he certainly has much to give as a whole character. I cinta him to bits!

The shittier boyfriend: The one that fucks you, dumps anda and doesn't even nake anda famous, atau the one that murders your mom, takes your virginity so he could kill you, and makes anda famous? That was just inspired oleh a line that made me laugh...
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1.From the opening scene, moviegoers in 1996 were scared silly oleh Wes Craven's "Scream." After all, the character played oleh the most famous actor in the cast was done in before the opening credits. But that wasn't how it was originally planned to be.

Drew Barrymore was originally cast in the lead role of Sidney Prescott, but her schedule changed unexpectedly and she wouldn't be able to film the whole movie. It was actually her idea to switch her to the part of Casey Becker, a less time-consuming but ultimately iconic role. "The first scene was really reminiscent of [the 1979 horror movie]...
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posted by karolinak1999
SCREAM (1996) movie script
by Kevin Williamson.
Rewrite, July 31, 1995.
More info about this movie on



A hand reaches for it, bringing the receiver up to the face
of CASEY BECKER, a young girl, no lebih than sixteen. A
friendly face with innocent eyes.


        MAN'S VOICE
        (from phone)


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posted by bendaimmortal
Again just the original.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1.) It's opening scene kicks any scary movie's opening scene's but 6-0 any day. It's a legend and very realistic! No wonder the selling of caller ID systems six-folded after the movie came out. Even after seeing the film a hundred times, the opening scene scares the ever-living crap out of me any time I'm actually focusing to watch the movie, as in get really into it. And at any attention amount it's affective.

2.) It's an intelligent, detailed plot instead of bloody murdeers in a row.

3.) The killer's motive is very believable, nicely simple and fascinatingly...
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