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Pll always says . If Narusaku get togheter what about hinata she gets sad. But what if Sasuke gets with Sakura then naruto who always was alone gets sad . 1 naruto is the main character so i do think naruto gets the girl he loves becuse he will never give up.
2. naruto was alone until he was 12-13 something Hinata wasent and Sasuke dont care about pll but just about he's revenge .
3. Sasuke dosen't like Sakura he betray her like shitt, naruto is always ther for her
4. naruto see's hinata as sister .
5 .Is not about sasuke,sakura atau Hinata. but it's about naruto and who he loves and he loves sakura...
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I think u will like it no i know ! U will (!) like it This is intense (!)
diary of jane
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Okay, I've seen a lot of bashing on both couples on other clubs. This hurts people, emotionaly, and im probably sounding like a goody twoshoes typig this, but I am sure anda wouldnt like it if someone bashed your favorit couple. But i am not going to point fingers at anyone, that would just cause bashing on me.

I didn't make this club, so it isnt a owners request, but i informed the owner about this artikel and I'm sure she/he (srry, i dont actually know your gender) agree's with me.

So all im asking, is for anda fan to treat the others with respect....... and i feel like a elementry school teacher saying this so i will stop typing. XD
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