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1 hari a salamence flew by....
and he fell down and lost control...
but that was the hari he met friendship.
he saw a young pichu who came down from a slide.
she saw the salamence in pain so she brought salamence back to her treehouse and her friends helped oleh giving him a full restore.
the pichus asked salamence 1 thing.
1 pichu asked we need to evolve!
"that bully garados is going to get us!"
said the pichu.
salamence replied "i do have a exp. share. and i'm going to battle a dragonite i'll do it.all the pichus cut the exp. share to pieces so every1 could have 1.
all the pichus battled the mighty...
continue reading...
salamence flew oleh to see the pikachus.
he saw that a person was bullying them..who was it?....GENGAR!!!!a strong gengar was beating up the pikachus.luckily a old friend flew by.
ZAPDOS!the pikachus cried with tears of joy!!!
salamence saw zapdos kicked GENGARS ass!!
salamence was suprised!!!then the pikachus found some yellow stone in the mail.
they wondered what is they put it in there pocket 4 a snack.they had enough for every1.
salamence flew them to tohjo falls to have a picnic.they had sandwiches cookies, kool-aid and they had desert!the yellow thing they found in the mail with some whip cream and a ceri, cherry on top!
they took a bite and before anda knew it they were a strong raichu who were tough enough to beat gengar's ass!salamence came to help and called zapdos with there poke'gear and all beat gengars pantat, keledai happily ever after.
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so the pikachus went off and went to there pal salamence helped giving them a master ball!pikachu put the master ball in pokemon pikachus used a max repel sevrel times.
then pikachu used the flute.......AAAAA!!!!!!
light flashed.the hall of orgin.1 pikachu said.
eeek!give me the master not scared!said 1 of the she ran up the stairs.ARCEUS!pikachu threw 1 master ball.1...2....3....4!
arceus data was captured on the pokedex.YAY!victory party!and the pikachus and salamence scurried off.
1 hari pikachu dashed oleh with his adventure kit.
he knew what had to be done.he and the other pikachus went to see there bff salamence.
they went on there adventuure because they found something useful in the mail..
(flashback) hey look it pikachus!
oh lets see this package!(opens pacage)
huh.whats this?a flute!then pikachu was hearing berkata to go to mt.cornet.
so pikachus weren't tough enough.
(by the way folks the flashback is over now)
they had salamence with them and were ready 4 the adventure of there lives!
they flew to the mt.cornet entrance.
and there adventure was getting started.
uh-oh there was a lake!
but the pikachus borught there explorer kits!
surfboards!pikachus bellowed.
and 4 salamence well that was easy.
he just flew across the water.and they climbed the rocks.well actually climbed on salamence's back 4 a ride!
to be cuncluded....
it was a pikachus b-day he was turning level 15!
he had a friend invitatation and brought it to a very special person.
SALAMENCE anda are invited to sparky's b-day party please come every1 will be in the V.I.P section.
if anda can come anda make the musik ok?
salamence got the letter and flew to the pikachus.
and he berkata hey anda made it come on in!
every1 had cheetos pepsi cola and cake!
1 jam later.....
salamence flew back to the battle place with a goodie bag.
the party had ended and everybody had a great time.