Sailor Senshi Create Your Own Character

khanna266 posted on Jul 14, 2012 at 08:13PM
Hello fellow sailor senshi fans for your comment i would like you to make your own character including this info:

first and last name (ex:Mai Haruna)

age (ex:16)

sailor scout name(ex:Sailor Darksky)

background story

Sailorscout Powers


sailor uniform

a description of how they look
and maybe

a picture of the character

Sailor Senshi 4 balasa

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu khanna266 said…
heres mine!

name:Kara Miyazaki


sailorscout name;Sailor Phobos

powers:empath,MoonTrain(a whip made of moon rocks),PhobosBeam(a ball of energy made out of anger),DustStorm(a gust of dust making a tornado that destroys every evil thing in it's path),and PhobosArrow(a bow in arro that shoots poisonous arrows)

story:Kara moved to Japan from her home country Korea whee she discovered her power of being an empath that almost destroyed her until sailormoon rescued her and taught her how to control it,and also discovered she was meant to be a sailor scout with the magical phobos wand given to her by Artemis that turns her into sailorPhobos.She loves to fight evil b,but also gets caught off guard whenever she sees a cute boy.she one day hopes to be a wife and champion boxer.

weaknesses:cute boys and water(she can't swim)

what she looks like: short brown hair,light blue eyes,rei's skin color,and usually wears a short black shirt and jean shorts with a pair of long black boots

sailor uniform:gray leotard,black skirt black bow,short black shoulder sleeves,blak choker necklace,black tiara,and long black boots

crush:she has a huge crush on Andrew
lebih dari setahun yang lalu Violet_Lady said…

name:Christina Yuri


Sailor Scout Name:Sailor Death

Power:Death Scary(Power Leave her Wand),Dark Scream (Power Leave her Skull Necklace),Death Silence(From the Dark Thunder Ball)

Story:Christina live in Japan she discover her power of being a death from the Villain (they is the villain of doomsday on 2012)Christina once the Sailor of the Birth.But they discover Christina at high school on Japan they kill Christina and discover the darkness of Christina.her Hope is a Draw Animation

Weakness:(Sailor Death is Light Sailor of Birth is Dark and Bad)

What she look Like:Curl Red Long Hair, Yellow Cat Eye and Skull

Sailor Uniform:Black Leotard,Black & Red Skirt,Red Bow,Black & Violet Thin Sleeve,Red Chocker Necklace,Gray Tiara with Skull,High-Heel Shoe and Skull Necklace(She Has a Wand is a Skull and Bones)

She Has Follower is the Sailor Galilean Quartet is Sailor Io,Sailor Europa,Sailor Ganymede and Sailor Callisto)

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu runochan97 said…
breanna tSukino

age 15

Sailor Scout Name: Sailor katara

Story:walking to school on her birthday a yomma attacks her She hurts the yomma & wins

love & being cute

cute cats

pink & blue

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 breanna tSukino age 15 Sailor Scout Name: Sailor katara Story:walking to school on her birth
lebih dari setahun yang lalu AshleyS123 said…
name:yuri Chikyū


sailor scout name;sailor earth

powers: earthquake crash

story: unknown

weaknesses:cute boys,animals

what she looks like:has blue eye brown hair with a ponytail & a purple bow

sailor uniform: brown & green bows, with brown boots brown choker with a earth symbol and a large staff also with a earth symbol

crush:she has a huge crush on yaten
 name:yuri Chikyū age:14 sailor scout name;sailor earth powers: earthquake crash story: