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posted by ilovessillver
sai was a lonely boy, but when he met naruto and sakara he felt happy. one hari itachi came he berkata he was looking for sai. itachi found sai, he grabs his arm and tries to cut it off. he screamed in pain, naruto tried to stab itachi but he missed sakara ran toards, him she was really mad. sai was bleeding sakara came to him and hugged him, naruto went to fight itachi. naruto said, WHY DID anda TRY TO KILL HIM! itachi said, because he killed my friends he is a murderer. sakara cried. neji found out, hinata found out everyone found out, then he just stopped breathing naruto came back and saw sais body he started to cry.
So here goes with this boring paragraph that Naruto, kakashi, and Sakura made me write for my Permanent file. ("Come ON, Guys! Do i have to do this! its wasting my ink!" "Yes, Sai-chan! anda have to!" "Sorry, Pal. I have to agree with sakura!" "Just do it Sai!" Ill buy anda lebih ink afterwards!" ) There is really nothing much i can say about myself. Im Emotionless. Im a guy. Im DEFINITELY Not gay. And...well........I lOVE to draw. Im really good at it. My special jutsu is....God. This is stupid!( "Naruto! Why cant i just rely on my chances?" "Because! were going to the ramen shop! Meet us there...
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